Boots on the Camino

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Good friends in Obradoiro Plaza Santiago

Well, they have been such good friends along with my feet.

300 odd kilometers along the famed Camino from Leon to Santiago, as well as two previous years of good walking. Boots are so important for a good walking journey.
It was only when we were walking up to O Cebreiro (see previous articel) that we encountered snow and some slush.
My boots started taking on water, there must have been some cracks in the soles that allowed this. It didn’t improve, so I made the decision that Santiago would be their resting place.
My boots were great in the dry, but Galicia is renowned for its wet weather.
Now, speaking about buying boots which I’m about to, it’s both a simple and complicated matter.
The thing is to get a pair of boots that fit comfortably. So, first off put on your inner socks – the wicking socks, then put the cushioning socks over them.
Then, if you use orthotics you need to put them in the boots underneath the inner sole (some people prefer them on the outer).
Now you’re ready to try your boots. There are three types – walking shoes, mid-cut boots and full boots. My preference is the mid-cuts, however you should choose what suits you.
Put your boots on and make sure they’re comfortable, but not tight. Try boots and shoes on in the afternoon when your feet have expanded. Have some wiggle room for your toes.  
The complicated part is that you may have to try a number of boots before you find the ones that are right for you, and this may take some time and test your patience.
Nevertheless, stick at it and you should get the right boots for you.
I’ll let you know how I go myself… cheers.
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  1. avatar says


    that’s the way of old faithfuls. Like Autumn, the leaves drop off and hopefully are replaced by new ones in the Spring. Spring should be along shortly (boot-wise).

    cheers… Almis.

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