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Overland Track: A Classic wilderness walk in Tasmania:

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In the wilderness on Tasmania's Overland Track

Overland Track Walk is the best known walk in Tasmania. This walk takes you from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair, through a World Heritage Wilderness area.

The 73 km walk takes six to seven days along a track which is well maintained and clearly marked. Some sections are quite steep.

John Chapman & Monica Chapman have written a guidebook ‘The Overland track’, which is a useful illustrated book, with images, detailed maps and route directions.

The Overland Track route is 73 km long and for those contemplating this trail for their walking holiday in Tasmania, a certain amount of planning is required. The path is well marked, but we recommend to take a map and compass. The Tasmanian weather is unpredictable and snow on the Track has been reported in summer.

Some general information about the walk: Overland Track Route: Starting from historic Waldheim Lodge, the 73 km trail passes through spectacular dolerite mountains, near beautiful waterfalls, through a variety of fascinating ecosystems and close to Tasmania’s highest mountain (Mt. Ossa), before finishing at Australia’s deepest lake, Lake St Clair. The scenery and the physical challenges of this walk make this one of the great wilderness bushwalks.

Some Highlights: Cradle Mountain, Dove Lake & Marion’s Lookout, Barn Bluff, Unique alpine vegetation, alpine plateaus, Lake Windermere, ancient myrtle rainforest, views of Mt Ossa, Pelion West and Mount Oakleigh, Forth Valley lookout, Pelion Gap, Climbing Mt Ossa, historic Du Cane Hut, Lake St Clair.

Walking Route Planner: The number of days required depends on how fit and how quickly or leisurely you want your walking holiday to be. Work out the average number of kilometres you are prepared to do in a day, taking into account the landscape and the town or village in which you will end your day.  It’s also nice to plan on arriving a little earlier in a village if there are interesting attractions you may like to visit, such as in Painswick or Winchcombe.   We did the walk in 7 days, however it’s also possible to do it in 6 days.

Luggage transfer: This efficient service is available for guided walkers. Independent walkers need to carry all their own equipment and food.

Your Overland Track Accommodation: This is usually in the public huts or tents. Walking places should be booked in advance. Guided walkers stay in privately run accommodation.

Food: Take your own.

When to go? December to March is the most popular time. Route direction North to South only.

Walking Gear: Good walking boots and socks are critical. Your shoes should have been worn in. Also important is what rain gear to take. Make sure it’s made from a breathable material.

Our Take: This is a great walk which will occasionally test your stamina. Take care with the leeches – carry a small salt dispenser to pour on them. The views are superb, and you’ll meet some interesting fellow walkers. Remember to take your camera!

See the Overland Track itinerary here


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