Gift Shopping on your Innsbruck Holiday

Gifts and souvenirs that taste really good – Innsbruck Old Town:

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Tiroler Wachszieher und Lebzelter

Innsbruck is a great place to shop for gifts and souvenirs for friends and family who appreciate the tastier side of life.

If you’re looking to share some of your Innsbruck food experience with folks back home, head for the Old Town (Alstadt) where the shops stock foods that will delight just about anyone.

What to Buy

Take home some souvenirs of Innsbruck’s Golden Roof for those with a sweet tooth.  Head for Konditorei Munding, the most traditional confectioners in town where you can buy ‘Golden Roof shingles’ or to Zimt & Zucker (Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse 9) for some mouth-watering ‘golden tiles’.  Rajsigl at Maria Theresienstrasse 18 stocks ‘Tiroler Edle’ bars as well as Konditorei Pichler’s high-quality chocolate products. Rajsigl have been purveyors of chocolates since 1917.

You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to go all the way to Vienna to treat your friends and relatives to an original Sacher torte.   Café Sacher at Rennweg 1 is close to the Golden Roof and sells the world-famous sacher-torte in three sizes, packed in attractive wooden boxes. I would suggest that you check with your airline if you’re allowed to take this as hand-luggage as you wouldn’t want it confiscated by airport security.

Honey may also be a little tricky to transport home, but if you’re hooked on honey, Tiroler Bienenladen has some of the sweetest temptations on offer.  This shop has a large variety of Tyrolean honeys (such as the alpine rose honey) as well as gingerbread with honey, liqueur and schnaps, as well as beeswax candles and exquisite honey-based natural cosmetics.

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Cafe Munding Konditorei

Tiroler Wachszieher und Lebzelter in Pfarrgasse is well worth a visit, even if it’s just to admire the attractive, old premises and smell the wonderful aromas of cinnamon, honey and wax. Fine gingerbread is available throughout the year and as the name of the shop suggests, it stocks a wide range of candles and wax decorations.  Christmas and Easter decorations are also sold the whole year round.

At Pfarrgasse 1, just a few steps away from the Tiroler Wachszieher, you can buy local liqueurs and wines from S’Culinarium.  You may wish to try a Tyrolean single malt – a full bodied, smooth whisky, or schnaps from red Williams pears, distilled in the Eastern part of the Tyrol. And if champagne is not enough to impress your friends, you could try ‘Goldenes Dachl’ champagne which contains not only bubblies, but gold leaf, too!

Two of Innsbruck’s best culinary shops are also nearby.  Speckschwemme, a specialist shop at Stiftgasse 4, is a great place to shop for Tyrolean bacon, which is delicious with proper brown bread and red wine.   For the the types of sausages and dried meats that the Tyrol is famous for, go to S’Speckladele.  This shop sources its products directly from the farmers.  Its reputation is such that this little shop has customers all over the world who have their favourite sausages sent to them.

Delicatessen Hörtnagl on Burggraben has its own butchery and besides speck it sells award-winning sausages and specialty meats. Tyrolean farm produce such as cheese, honey, fruit juices, bread, fruit and vegetables are sold at the weekly farmers’ markets – as well as every Saturday morning in the ‘Markthalle’.

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