From the Vienna Gasometers to a Modern G-Town

Transformation from the Landmark Vienna Gasometers to the Modern G-Town:

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Gasometers by Andreas Poeschek / CC-BY-SA-2.0-at

When Vienna converted its energy supply from town gas to natural gas in the 1970s, its massive gasometers become obsolete. The Vienna gasometers are four huge gas tanks, built between 1896-1899 in the 11th district of Simmering. Each of these gas holders had a storage capacity of 90,000 m³ and at the time, the Vienna gasometers were the largest gas plant in Europe, supplying town gas to the citizens of Vienna from 1899 to 1984.

From Gasometer to G-Town

The Vienna gasometers were designated as protected historic landmarks in 1978, so when they were decommissioned in 1984, a new purpose had to be found for them. The gasometers were used for various temporary purposes which included the film set for the James Bond movie The Living Daylights as well as the venue for the Gazometer-Raves concerts.

In 1995, submissions were called for the redesign of the protected monuments. Four separate architects, Jean Nouvel (Gasometer A), Coop Himmelblau (Gasometer B), Manfred Wehdorn (Gasometer C) and Wilhelm Holzbauer (Gasometer D) were chosen for each of the four gas tanks and the Vienna gasometers were transformed into the amazing Gasometer-Town in 2001. G-town, as the locals refer to it, is a complex of residential apartments and commercial space for shops, offices, entertainment facilities and other amenities. There are 615 apartments, an events hall with capacity for 3,500 people, a shopping mall, cinema complex, offices and other amenities.

Tour the Gasometers

For architects, developers, tourists and anyone interested in learning about how these four gas tanks were converted into a modern urban community, there is a guided tour of the Gasometers. Andreas Pöschek,

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Gasometer B - Andreas Poeschek by CC-BY-SA-2.0-at

an inhabitant of the Gasometers and chairman of the Gasometer Community, is a Gasometer expert. He knows the complex since laying of the foundation stone in 1999 and is one of the guides. On this hour-long tour, visitors get to learn about the history of the Gasometers and the gas works, the rejuvenation project, life at the Gasometers and much more. To book a tour, email or phone +43 660 748 48 00.

After the tour, you can also spend time checking out the shops, enjoy a meal at the many restaurants, bars and cafes or a movie at the multiplex cinema. Whilst the Gasometers is not your mainstream Vienna tourist attraction, this interesting urban development is certainly worthwhile visiting.

How to get to the Gasometers

By Train – From Vienna city centre it takes about 15 minutes by subway to the Gasometers. Catch the U-bahn, U3 (orange) subway line, to Gasometer station.

By Bus – Bus 72A and night bus N75

By Car – Take Highway A23 “Südosttangente”. Exit St. Marx

Guglgasse 6
1110 Vienna

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