Gourmet Burgers at Blas Burgerworks in St. Ives

Blas is an Eco-Friendly Restaurant Which Specializes in Gourmet Burgers:

Blas Burgerworks is a small and very popular organic fast food restaurant in St. Ives that specializes in burgers. From the queue of people lining up to dine there, it appears that they must be good so we joined in the queue one evening.

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Blas burger - St Ives

Booking in Person at Blas Burgerworks

It was after 8:00 p.m. and looking at the number of people in the line and the fact that there were a few diners leaving, we assumed we wouldn’t have to wait too long before seats became available. This was when we discovered that although they don’t take phone reservations, they work on a waiting list system. You had to be there in person to put your name on the list and if the queue is long, you then come back at a time indicated by them. There were people on the list before us and we were told that we could be accommodated at 9 p.m.

An Eco-friendly St. Ives Restaurant

Blas is an eco-friendly restaurant which recycles everything it uses, such as boxes, glass, plastic, vegetable scraps, etc. They use organic and local produce and as far as possible they make use of seasonal foods.

The menu at Blas Burgerworks is creative and interesting, but the burgers are not cheap, approximately £9.50 for the gourmet burgers.  The burgers are quite substantial though so one burger will fill you up.

I ordered the black bean burger with fiery chilli sauce and Tony had the fishburger which included mackerel fillets. Both were topped with salad and were very tasty, although I didn’t think that the chilli was particularly fiery. I asked if they had any jalapenos or other chillis but all they had was sweet chilli sauce. As we do not eat meat, we’re not able to comment on their Cornish beefburgers.

At Blas, diners sit at communal tables which gives the place a cozy and friendly feel. They have had good reviews from The Telegraph and The Times and been included in the Good Food Guide, which explains the queue at the restaurant each night.

We enjoyed our meal here and had we stayed longer in St. Ives we probably would have dined here again.


Blas Burgerworks
The Warren, St. Ives
Cornwall TR26 2EA
Phone:  01736 79 72 72

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Map of St. Ives:

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