The Fish House – A Seafood Find in Ludlow

The Fish House – A New Fish Shop in Ludlow :

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The Fish House, Ludlow - © Travel Signposts..

Ludlow is a medieval market town in Shropshire, close to the Welsh border.  This is our lunchtime stop and one of our first impressions is that for its small size, Ludlow has a lot of eating places.

Of course Ludlow is no ordinary market town.  It is famous for its food fairs and we’ve arrived on the eve of their annual Ludlow Marches Food and Drink Festival where 130 top quality small independent food and drink producers from the Marches, the England-Wales border country, are presenting their goods.

It was pointed out to us that Feathers Hotel is a famous pub with a famous medieval facade. Apart from being a worthy subject for photography, it was recommended as a worthwhile place for having lunch.  So after taking snaps of the exterior, into the pub I went to have a quick look around.  The reception area wasn’t particularly spectacular, a few souls were having their meal in the next room, but the place didn’t grab me as a potential for our lunch stop today, and as time is precious, I didn’t explore any further.

It is market day in Ludlow and many of our fellow travellers buy food from the market to have for lunch.

On the drive into town, we had spotted the Fish House, a wet fish shop in the town centre. We went back there as the oysters did look  good and at GBP 7.50 for half a dozen, it’s reasonably priced. We order half a dozen Bigbury Bay oysters and a prawn platter which  also costs GBP 7.50 per plate and it comes with a bread roll.

The Fish House has only been open for a week, and the lovely owner of the shop offers a complimentary glass of wine with the meal. The oysters are very good – really fresh and creamy. The prawn platter is excellent, 3 giant prawns and a good number of shrimps. Both are very sweet. Ray and Marie, our fellow travellers, join us for lunch.  Ray has the jellied eel which he says is delicious – we’ll take his word for it!  It reminds him of the food he enjoyed when he was growing up in England.

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Eating Jellied Eel - © Travel Signposts

We ask the owner of the Fish House where she gets all her magnificent seafood from and she said that her family owns a seafood distributorship in the West Midlands. This explains the fine range of seafood in her shop, mussels, clams, oysters, crabs, smoked haddock, monkfish, swordfish, you name it and she’s got it.

As we enjoy our food, locals are streaming into the Fish House to buy seafood and a couple of locals that we got talking to said that they are really pleased that the Fish House has opened in Ludlow.

We practically only had 10 minutes for lunch so it was a mad rush, but it was well worth it. We could have sat there for another hour eating oysters and more of the seafood.

If you like seafood and are stopping at Ludlow, make time to have some seafood at the Fish House. We’re glad that we’ve discovered this place as it’s one of the finer lunchtime food sensations on our trip.

In our rush, we unfortunately didn’t get the street address, but it won’t be hard finding the Fish House in the town centre.

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  1. avatarclare robinson says

    we went to the fish house on friday, just happened to be in ludlow and we were more than happy with our lunch. we had hot salmon and dressed crab, with wine to accompany. the place was packed out and very friendly. the food was simple and hit the spot

    • avatar says

      Hey Clare, I’m so glad that you found the Fish House and that you enjoyed the food. Thanks for sharing your experience and the update. Kind regards, Helen

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