Fête Nationale: What’s on in Paris on Bastille Day 2014

Bastille Day Concert, Fireworks and the Firefighters’ Balls – Paris:

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Happy Bastille Day

During the past week we’ve seen the City of Paris in preparation mode for Bastille Day 2014 celebrations. 

As we are in the south of France, we will not be here to join in the grand celebrations, but here is a taste of what’s in store for the grand Fête Nationale celebrations.

Military Parade

From 9:10 a.m.

  • The troops assemble at the Place Etoile for the military inspection.

From 10:00 a.m.

  • The traditional Bastille Day military parade starts with the arrival of the President of France (Francois Hollande) and other military chiefs at Avenue de Friedland  on the Champs-Elysées.
  • Tribute paid to the President.
  • Opening fly-past
  • Parade of troops on foot from Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde, followed by mounted troops
  • Procession of troops in military vehicles
  • Departure of the President

Fireworks at the Trocadero – July 14

The Champ-de-Mars and the Trocadéro are favourite places to watch the spectacular firework display. This year’s fireworks display will have the theme Guerre et Paix/b>. Starting at about 23:00, it will last for about 35 minutes.

If you’re planning on attending the fireworks, do arrive early and avoid driving.  The Metro and RER are the best means of getting to the Trocadero as even the Vélib stations around the Champs de Mars will be inaccessible.  Note: Paris Metros are very busy at best of times and for the Bastille Day celebrations you can expect it to be packed.

Balls of Fire in Paris

The legendary annual fire brigade’s ball takes place at many of Paris’s fire stations.  All are welcome to join in as the firefighters party from 21:00 – 04:00 am. Entry is generally free, but there’ll be a barrel going around for donations.  Below are some of the fire stations to head for:

- Rousseau – 21 rue du Jour, Paris 75001:  July 13 to 15
- Sévigné – 7 / 9 rue de Sévigné, Paris 75004  – July 13 to 15
- Colombier – 11 Rue du Vieux Colombier, Paris 75006: July 13 to 15
- Blanche – 28 Rue Blanche, Paris 75009: July 13 to 14
- Landon – 188 quai de Valmy, Paris 75010 : July 13 to 14
- Chaligny – 26, rue de Chaligny, Paris 75012: July 13 to 15
- Port Royal – 53-55 Boulevard de Port Royal,  Paris 75013 : July 13 to 15
- Massena – 37 bd Massena, Paris 75013: July 13 to 14
- Grenelle – 6 place Violet, Paris 75015: July 13 to 15
- Boursault – 27 rue Boursault, Paris 75017: July 13 to 14
- Montmartre – 12 rue Carpeaux, Paris 75018: July 13 to 14
- Bitche – 2 place de Bitche, Paris 75019: July 13 to 14
- Ménilmontant – 47 rue Saint-Fargeau,  Paris 75020 : July 13 – 14

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Anyone else have feelings about this?


  1. avatarEffie says

    Can sb please help us? We’ll be with our two kids (5 and 7), visiting Paris on the 14 (we’ll be staying at Val D’Europe), but we’ve NO idea which stations will be closed. Please give me advice on the following:

    1. We want to see the airplanes that form the French flag when the parade begins. Where should we get off while on the RER A line to see that? Will Etoile be closed? Should we get off at Chatelet and see them from the Louvre IF they’re visible there? Should we get off at La Defense and go to that Concorde Lafayette hotel cafe to see them (and have a drink or sth), but is that open to poor folk like us and how do we get there ? (not sure if taxis are easily available)

    2. We want to go to the Science Museum in the afternoon, but, again, no idea how (also don’t know which stations will be closed)

    3. Is there a place NEAR an RER A line station (hopefully they’ll be open, but the RER site wasn’t working in English) with a new view at the fireworks at night ? Again, we’ll be with two children and it’ll be very late, so we need easy access

    Thanks guys :)

    • avatar says

      For information on which Paris metro exits will be closed on July 14th, we suggest that you check this information with your hotel concierge who will have the latest holiday metro news. Your hotel concierge will also be able to provide you with metro maps and show you where the stops are.

      As regards getting to the Science City, Line 7 will get you to Porte de la Villete station where you get off. (see the metro map here). As there’s tram construction work in the area, please follow Science City’s instructions on how to get to museum.


      The fireworks at 23:00 is being launched from the Trocadero, so the best views are near the Eiffel Tower. Again, the metro will get you there. The metro will be very crowded after the event so consider if you want to subject your young children to the crowded transport system, especially if you don’t know your way around.

      • avatarEffie says

        Thank you so much for replying to me!!

        And to think that we had a hotel near the Eiffel tower, but cancelled it to stay in Val d’Europe. Sigh. In fact our hotel is Ibis, so I HIGHLY doubt there’s a concierge to give us metro information. And with two young kids, the trip will be made even more difficult. Can you imagine getting into so much trouble to go to the science museum, only to find out that it’s closed? THeir website is always under construction when it comes to the English version :( In fact I’ve emailed them but haven’t received a reply yet.

        I wonder if it’s better to rent a car. Of course that would still be a problem, as the area around the Eiffel tower will be too crowded or closed, and we’re too scared to rent a car because we’ve never driven on that side of the road (and, again, we’ll be with two young kids. Our kids).

        Would you say watching it from far wouldn’t be that much of a good idea? Or maybe we shoul djust stay in Disneyland that day? I know they have ‘special’ fireworks, but would they be worth it as much as the Eiffel tower ones?

        Thank you :)


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