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Oia Accommodation Review – Aegeas Traditional Houses:

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Aegeas Traditional House, Oia © Travelsignposts

After a month-long frantic travel schedule around Spain and Turkey, Santorini was our R&R stop for a week. During our last Santorini holiday we stayed in Fira and visited Oia to catch its famous sunset. This time around, we chose Oia as our base and the Aegeas Traditional Houses as our Oia accommodation.

Choosing Our Oia Accommodation

For our accommodation in Oia, we wanted a place with a relaxed atmosphere, caldera views, but inexpensive. Another important consideration was that it should not be too far down the cliff-edge.

The Aegeas Traditional Houses met our criteria. The self-catering traditional Cycladic houses are only two small flights of steps down from the main street of Oia so it’s easy to either duck up to the supermarket for supplies or to go to the restaurants in the evenings.

Yiannis and Regina, a young couple, manage this place. There are only three houses – houses 1 and 2 are next to each other whereas house 3 is on its own a few metres down the road.

Aegeas Traditional Houses

We were originally going to just turn up in Oia and see what accommodation was available, but at the last minute we decided to book on-line from Athens. We sent Aegeas Traditional Houses an email asking for directions and soon after we got a phone call from Yiannis to give us directions. When we arrived at the bus terminal in Oia the next day, we checked at the tourist office for clarification of directions, but Yiannis was there to greet us and help us with our bags.

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Aegeas Traditional Houses, Oia © Travelsignposts

Our house no. 2 was clean, cozy and air-conditioned which was very useful given the afternoon heat. The tiny kitchenette has a coffee maker, hotplate and a fridge. The room was supplied with jams, honey, butter, milk and orange juice and you can get fresh bread daily and other supplies from the nearby supermarket.

There is no Wi-Fi in the room but from the terrace you pick up signals from Yiannis’ network.

Our house shares the terrace with house 1 but as we were the only ones there we had the whole place to ourselves. From the terrace are spectacular views of Santorini’s famous caldera and with sweeping views all the way back to Fira.

Yiannis keeps the place spotlessly clean and the towels and sheets are changed every two days.

Yiannis and Regina are wonderful hosts and are available to provide advice on restaurants, places to visit or just to have a chat.   You feel more like their friends rather than hotel guests.  One afternoon we asked Yiannis for directions to the Sigalas winery. Just as we were finishing our wine-tasting in the garden, we were brought two full glasses of Sigalas Rosé. We told the girl that we didn’t order them and she said that these were compliments of Yiannis. What a nice touch!

What We Liked about Aegeas

  • The totally relaxed atmosphere at Aegeas Traditional Houses.
  • You can have your meals on the terrace and have maximum enjoyment of the views.
  • Come the evening, you can sit in the deckchair and enjoy a drink and more views of the caldera.
  • The location is great as it has easy access to the shops and supermarket and it is an easy stroll to catch the famous Oia sunset at the edge of the village.

What We Weren’t Keen on

I’m not fond of wet bathrooms, but I overcame that by buying a cloth from the supermarket.

We enjoyed our stay at Aegeas Traditional Houses and it is people like Yiannis and Regina who make guests feel so at home.

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