Irish Coffee at the Red Fox Inn – Glenbeigh

A Traditional Road House, Famous for its Irish Coffee:

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Irish Coffee at the Red Fox Inn

If you’re doing a coach tour of the Ring of Kerry, you will no doubt be making an early morning stop at the Red Fox Inn, midway between Killorglin and the scenic village of Glenbeigh.

Most visitors touring the Ring of Kerry usually start from Killarney and coaches travel the Ring of Kerry in an anti-clockwise direction.  Depending on your time of departure from Killarney, you’ll probably arrive at the Fox Inn at about 10:00 a.m.

Not everyone has the constitution to absorb alcohol in the morning, but the Red Fox Inn has a reputation for its Irish coffee and that’s why we’ve stopped here.

The Red Fox Inn is an old traditional road house situated next to Kerry Bog Village Museum. Their website says that they cater for coach tours and when we entered the pub, rows of glasses were already filled with generous serves of whisky, ready for the coffee and cream to be added.

The Red Fox Inn have their own method of making this delightful Irish drink and if you want to find out their method, you can buy tea towels and cards which lets you in on their Irish coffee recipe secret.

The Mulvihill family have been running the Red Fox Inn for over 17 years and it’s renowned for its good food as well. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to try the food or visit the Kerry Bog Village Museum on our whistle stop at Glenbeigh.

Getting there:

On the Killorglin to Glenbeigh Road, 4.5km outside Killorglin on the main Ring of Kerry Route, the N70.

Red Fox Inn
Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry
Republic Of Ireland

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  1. avatarPat Cunningham says

    I had been so looking forward to experiencing the Irish Coffes available here in The Red Fox, but I have never been so disappointed in something as I was in this…I have had Irish Coffees in many, many places in my lifetime, and I make a pretty good one myself…..but this was nothing short of a rip off!! served in a glass, the size of which would not even be used to serve water in…and a third of the glass was taken up with cream, which leaves me to believe that the amount of whiskey in the coffee was just a fraction of what it should be!!…The cost of the Irish Coffee was about €6 which quite honestly was what leads me to say it was a pure rip off!!…Looking at their photo’s saying that they have lines of glasses ready with whiskey, just waiting to be finished off with coffee and cream is just a joke…anyone who knows how to make a good Irish Coffee, would never put whiskey in the glass without first heating the glass….so you cannot have prepared glasses of whiskey, just waiting to be finished off with coffee and cream….sorry! but this is one person who will never again sample an Irish Coffee in The Red Fox….and won’t be slow in telling others about it…


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