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Courtesy St Patrick’s Festival

The St Patrick’s Day Festival in Dublin has always included a theme for its celebrations each year. Last year, being the “Year of The Gathering”, friends and family from all over the world were invited to take part in the city’s most celebrated St Patrick’s Day parade.

Now, for the first time in its history, the organizers of the Festival have created a three-year theme. For 2014, 2015 and 2016, the Festival Parade theme will explore Ireland’s Past, Present and Future.

St Patrick’s Day Parade

This year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade will include the usual carnivals, fun and free entertainment and amazing street pageants.  The 2014 Festival Parade theme ‘Let’s Make History’ looks to the past for its creative inspiration, and creative they are!. Amongst the pageants, which touch on history, folklore, literature, etc. include:

  • The Battle of Clontarf – 1000 years on, see the King of Dublin battle the King of the Culchies
  • The Merman’s Tale – See the fisherman outwit the merman in this traditional Irish story
  • The Wheels of Time – See the Master of Time directing the world from the top of his huge spinning wheel of fortune.
  • The Celtic Tiger – Tells the story of how the innocent citizens were able to banish the evil tiger.

The St Patrick’s Festival Parade officially opens the St Patrick’s Day celebrations with marching bands from Ireland, Germany, Estonia and the USA livening up the streets and getting feet tapping as they march through the heart of Dublin city.  At the end of the parade, you can head for the Irish Craft Beer Village and enjoy some Irish craft beer, food and music.

St Patrick’s Parade Route

The Parade begins as usual on Parnell Square and continues on to O’Connell Street and over O’Connell Bridge to Westmoreland Street.  It then winds it’s way down Dame Street and Lord Edward Street and then passes by Christchurch Cathedral and along Patrick Street where it finishes just past St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

St Patrick’s Festival is the biggest event of the year and if you’re planning on being in Dublin around St. Patrick’s Day, it’s advisable to book your Dublin hotel before you arrive.

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Lá Fhéile Phádraig Sona Daoibh!

Event :  St Patrick’s Festival

Venue:  Dublin City

Dates :  March 14 – 17th, 2014

Parade Route:

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St Patrick’s Day Parade Route, Dublin

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