The Anchor – A Historic and Popular London Pub

The Anchor – A Popular and Historic London Pub in Bankside:

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The Anchor Pub © Travel Signposts

We came across The Anchor pub on our way to the Golden Hinde and were attracted by its bright red window frames and pretty floral decorations. Little did I know then that this is one of London’s most famous riverside pubs and a historic one at that. With its waterfront location and being close to many of London attractions such as the Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern Gallery, it’s no wonder that this London pub is a favourite with tourists.

The Anchor pub dates from the 1600s and it was destroyed in the 1666 Great Fire of London. It was rebuilt in 1676 after another fire destroyed the area. Over the years, the pub’s original structure was added to so now there’s a maze of little beamed rooms.

It was from the Anchor that the great diarist Samuel Pepys witnessed the devastating 1666 Great Fire of London. He fled the intense heat and sought shelter in “a little alehouse on Bankside….and there watched the fire grow”. Another of the Anchor’s regular clientele in the past included Dr. Samuel Johnson. One of the rooms is named after him and a copy of Johnson’s dictionary is on display in the pub.

The Bankside area is a popular location with filmmakers so don’t be surprised if you see the flashes of the Anchor in a movie – Tom Cruise had a pint here during the Mission Impossible filming.

If you’re planning on dining here, the main restaurant has spectacular views over the river and city and the roof terrace is nice as well. The pub has gone through extensive modernisation and expansion and is now a part of the Premier Inn hotel chain.

34 Park Street
London SE1

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