Making it to the Arctic Circle!

Hurtigruten Norwegian Cruise – Arctic Circle, Norway:

DAY 4: Brønøysund – Sandnessjøen – Nesna – Ørnes – Bodø – Stamsund – Svolvaer. You will have passed the Arctic Circle before the whole ship is fully awake.  The ship will follow the mighty Borvasstindene Mountains before arriving into Bodo, North Norway’s second largest city at 12.30 p.m.  Here you have time to go ashore and see Bodo Cathedral which dates back to 1856, with its basilica and free standing church tower.
There is an astonishing phenomenon in store for you when you enter the open sea of Vestfjord. Ahead is the Lofoten Wall – steep mountains plunging into the sea in a broad, long belt blocking the whole of the horizon as far as the eye can see.
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Arctic Coastline

At 07:00 we cruise past the small island of Vikingen and this is the point where we cross the Arctic Circle, the border with the Land of the Midnight Sun.  A globe built on Vikingen island indicates where this invisible border is.  We’re assured that on our way back, we’ll be able to see the globe at a more convenient time of day.

12:30 – We arrive at Bodø, the second largest city in the Northern Norway.  Our friendly waiter is from Bodø and we asked him about the walk into town, whether the streets are paved and the possibility of taking Barbara on an outing in her wheelchair.  By now, she’s a little bored staring at water and fjords.

Bodø Visit

Although the town is only 10 minutes away, the conditions are worse than what our waiter told us it would be.  There are roadworks leading into town and the grounds are uneven and covered with slush.  The flimsy collapsible wheelchair that Barbara borrowed isn’t made for these conditions either.  With a lot of heaving and hoeing, we make it into town and back.  At least, she’s now been on Norwegian soil.

I didn’t think it is possible to perspire at sub-zero temperatures, but this is one myth debunked for me.  The Aviation Museum here is supposed to be excellent, but we didn’t make it there.

15:00 – We leave Bodø and after an hour’s sailing we reach the open waters of Vestfjorden.  The crossing takes about three hours.

17:30 – This afternoon we see a presentation of the Aurora Borealis or northern lights and everyone’s hoping that we’ll get to see this amazing phenomenon.

19:00 – We arrive at Stamsund and this is a half hour stop.  If you walk a few minutes from the quay there are some cottages overlooking the harbour.

21:10 – We call into Svolvaer, often referred to “capital of the Lofoten Islands“.  This is a 40 minutes stop so it’s possible to visit the “Magic Ice” which is an ice gallery or the Lofoten War Museum, both of which are open.  This is something which is quite unique along the Norwegian coast – museums and sightseeing attractions stay open when the Hurtigruten ships are in port.

22:45 – We’re enter the strait of Raftsundet and around 23:30 we pass the entrance of the Trollfjord.  We’re invited to put on warm clothes and be out on deck to taste some fishcake and for a chance to buy a Trollfjord Drink!!!  Find out what a Trollfjord Drink is HERE.

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