Trondheim, a Viking town and Norway’s Coronation City

Hurtigruten Norwegian Cruise – Trondheim Visit, Norway:

DAY 3: Trondheim – Rørvik. Arrive Trondheim at 6.00 a.m. Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city, founded by Olav Tryggvasson in 977 AD, has a strong academic flavour and can boast the country’s oldest school, first official theatre and one of the first national newspapers..
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Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim

06:00 – We arrive in Trondheim, Norway’s second oldest city. This is a major stop and we’re here till noon which is good news for passengers who want to do some sightseeing.Hurtigrutendoes a two-hour city sightseeing tour which costs NOK300.The walk into town takes about 20-25 minutes each way and we chose to walk as this is the opportunity to give our legs a good stretch.  There is a bus stop about 5 minutes from the pier but we didn’t have a timetable and neither did we see any bus go by on our walk.

With a map, or a good sense of direction, getting to Trondheim town centre is easy and once you are there, most of Trondheim’s sightseeing attractions are within easy reach of each other.  The road signs also point you in the right direction.

Trondheim is an important Viking city and after King Olav Haraldsson was canonized in 1031, it also became a pilgrimage cityFor more about Trondheim and its attractions, see our Trondheim visit post.

Trondheim’s most important landmark is the Nidaros Cathedral, but there is no time to visit the interior.  We have to head back to the ship and this time we return via the colourful Bryggen area with its row of multicoloured warehouses.

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Warehouses on Nidelva River, Trondheim..

Trondheim is Norway’s coronation city and we return to our cruise ship happy that we’ve visited this city of vikings and royalty.12:00 – We leave Trondheim and within five minutes of our departure we pass the island of Munkholmen.  This island has been used as a place of execution, prison and monastery.  From here till our arrival in Rørvik tonight, there are no stops.

One thing that you’ll see a lot of on this Norwegian cruise is interesting lighthouses and over the next part of the voyage we pass the Agdenes Lighthouse and the Kjeungskjaer Lighthouse.  Kjeungskjaer is a 20-metre tall octagonal lighthouse and is considered to be one of the most beautiful along the Norwegian coast.

Another thing we see a lot of is Hurtigruten sister ships.  The Hurtigruten people are very proud of its fleet of ships and its history and the cruise director always lets us know when we’re passing one of the sister ships.

16:15 – We go through the beautiful and narrow  Strait of Stokksundet.  The Strait is only 40 metres wide at its narrowest point and our ship is around 20 metres wide.  We’re sailing in complete darkness so there’s no room for error here.  Hurtigruten ships only go through this Strait if the weather’s good and we’re fortunate that it is today.

20:40 – We’re in Rørvik at the same time as the southbound MS Lofoten which is a heritage listed ship.  Built in 1964, Hurtigruten calls this ship the “Queen of the Coast”.  It’s possible to visit the MS Lofoten and there’s also an interesting folk museum in Rørvik but our stop here is only brief and at 21:15 we depart.

What an exciting day!

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