Kjeungskjær Lighthouse – One of the Most Beautiful

Hurtigruten Cruise: Kjeungskjær is One of the Most Distinctive Lighthouses:

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Kjeungskjær Lighthouse, Norway

Two hours forty minutes after our cruise departs Trondheim, we come across Kjeungskjær Lighthouse which is located on a small rock beyond Ørlandet. This lighthouse, or “fyr” in Norwegian, is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones along the Norwegian coast and having seen a few we  agree that Kjeungskjær is the most distinctive.

An interesting fact passed on by our cruise director is that the last lighthouse keeper raised his five children in this lighthouse. Yes, they had their schooling in the lighthouse as well. As we sail past, it’s hard to imagine how the parents manage to maintain sanity with five children in the lighthouse, but Kjeungskjær is actually 20.6 m high.

Accessible only by boat, landing at Kjeungskjær lighthouse only takes place in good weather. This octagonal stone tower was built in 1906 and as you can see from the photo, the lighthouse lamp is located on the roof.

Kjeungskjær lighthouse is owned by the State and is protected under the Cultural Heritage Act.  It’s in an area that is also important for bird conservation.

The lighthouse is automated and was depopulated in 1987. Like many of the Norwegian lighthouses, Kjeungskjær remains an important part of Norwegian heritage. The Norwegian Lighthouse Association is very keen to ensure the preservation of Norway’s lighthouses and the transition of their usage for other purposes, such as tourism. You can visit some of the lighthouses as well as well as go on lighthouse vacations on some of them.

Kjeungskjaer Lighthouse Location

Coordinates: Latitude 63° 43′ 36.5″ N longitude 9° 31′ 50.9″ E
Location: Orland municipality, Sør-Trøndelag

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