Petter Dass – a Poet and a Priest

Alstahaug’s Famous Son:

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Petter Dass Statue, Sandnessjøen

In Sandnessjøen town centre is the portly statue of Petter Dass, a poet and a priest who played a key role in Norway’s cultural history. Petter Dass lived and worked in the borough of  Alstahaug for 18 years and is one of the prominent figures who brought fame to the region.

Considered one of the most important poets of his time, Petter Dass’ famous works include the “Trumpet of the North” and the hymn “Mighty God to Thy Dear Name be Given Highest Praise”.

Petter Dass Museum

The Petter Dass Museum was established in 1966 and consists of several buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition, a new state-of-the-art section was opened in October 2007. The exhibitions in the museum give an insight into the poet-priest Petter Dass who lived and worked in Alstahaug from 1689 until his death in 1707. The museum also captures his many contributions to Norway’s cultural history through his distinctive writing which reflects North Norway’s natural and human environment.

The Petter Dass Museum grounds consist of a main building, a storehouse, a cookhouse/scullery, a well house and a chapel.  Down by the sea is a quayside warehouse where boats and tackle help illustrate elements of coastal culture.

Alstahaug Church was Petter Dass’ main church and place of work. The oldest part of this Roman style medieval church was built around 1200 AD.

On Hurtigruten cruises that stop at Sandnessjøen, you have the opportunity to join an excursion to the Petter Dass Museum and be taken on a guided tour. Alstahaug is about 20 km south of Sandnessjøen, just off Route RV17, the Coastal Highway (Kystriksveien).

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