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More than Sun, Sand and Sea:

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Vila Sol Resort, Vilamoura

The Algarve is noted for its stretches of beautiful beaches and with 280 days of sunshine in the year, this is one of the favourite holiday destinations for Europeans seeking a beach holiday or just time to chill out.  The Algarve coastline is very varied and along its 200-kilometer coast, there are all types of coves, cliffs and caves,  rocky as well as sandy beaches.

Along the west coast are stunning beaches like Arrifana which is sheltered below high cliffs.  Beaches along the west coast are more deserted, mainly because they are not easily accessible.  The west coast and the coastal area around the promontory of Sagres are also on the windward side. The Barlavento (windward side) goes as far as Faro. The waters on the western coast are colder and rougher, with dangerous currents.  The Sotavento or leeward side, east of Faro, has warmer and calmer waters and long stretches of sandy beaches.

Inland Algarve

Head for the hillside and inland villages and you’ll find handicraft that are skilfully manufactured by the local craftsmen.  Longstanding, ancestral techniques are applied to produce an excellent range of pottery, woven baskets, copper and brass articles, or other products made of linen and jute. The woods of Serra de Monchique is an area of outstanding beauty and there are nice walks you can do here. At the pretty white-washed village of Alte and border town of Alcoutim, rural life continues, uninterrupted by time.


Vila Sol Resort, Vilamoura Follow Me on Pinterest

Resort Holiday in the Algarve

There’s a wide choice of accommodation types in the Algarve, ranging from luxury resorts to hotels, villas and apartments.  The resorts are huge complexes and with lush landscape gardens, swimming pools, spas, golf courses, restaurants and are ideal for a very relaxing resort holiday. Villa rentals are a popular accommodation choice here.
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Food in the Algarve

With its vast coastline, Algarve is rich in seafood and here you can discover the aromas and flavours of the traditional Algarve cuisine. Restaurant menus here offer fish and shellfish, with dishes such as caldeirada de peixe (fish-stew) or cataplana de amêijoas (clams steamed in a copper pan).  There’s also the traditional mountain food which includes stewed chickpeas and cabbage. Other foods to enjoy include regional delicacies, such as figs, almonds, carobs and the brandy made from the locally grown medronho (arbutus-berry), distilled up in the hills in old copper stills.

Active Holidays

The Portugueses are sports-crazy people and all year round there are major sporting events like soccer, Formula One grand prix, golf, speed boat racing, etc.  In the Algarve region, you can also go bird watching or dolphin watching,  walk, fish, surf, sail and much, much more.

Travel to the Algarve

Travel to the Algarve is easy, with large numbers of budget airlines flying into Faro.  There are also an abundance of cheap package holidays to the region.

The Algarve is an attractive holiday destination for holidaymakers wanting a short break in the sunshine.  Its resorts are ideal for family holidays whilst the bars, discos, marinas and casinos offer fun and entertainment to those who want to party and rage.

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Monarch Holidays

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