Chimneys of the Algarve

Algarve Chimneys – Sightseeing Attractions:

Chimney of the Algarve - Portugal Follow Me on Pinterest

Chimney of the Algarve - Portugal

Throughout the Algarve you’ll notice that the walls of houses are mostly whitewashed.  As we know, the Algarve has very long, hot summers and the whitewash deflects the hot sun from the buildings.

Why So Many Chimneys?

Why then you may ask do these same houses have so many chimneys, especially when the winters here are quite mild as well. Some of the houses seem to have four or five chimneys.

It seems that whilst a house may have many chimneys, usually there is only one that is a functional.

The rest of them of just decorative features of the houses.  As you drive around the Algarve, you’ll see a range of chimney designs, some are plain whereas others are really ornate.

Chimney of the Algarve, Portugal Follow Me on Pinterest

Chimney of the Algarve, Portugal

Hundreds of years ago, there were mosques in this region and the chimneys are features that were copied from the minarets. The Moorish influence can be seen from the cylindrical or prismatic shapes of the chimneys with geometric cut-out patterns on them. The chimneys are whitewashed, but some have details painted to highlight its ornamentation.

Between April and May the chimneys are wrapped in plastic to prevent swifts and swallows from building nests in them.

On your Algarve holidays, look out for these unusual ornamental chimneys which are now part of the traditional architecture of the Algarve home.

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  1. avatarAngela Silva says

    I am looking to import two Algarve chimeneys for our home from Portugal to South Africa , Johannesburg Airport.
    Please advise who can I contact. We are building a new home and would love to place 2 x chimeneys on top of our home as a decor or in use. We are building two fire places plus a barbecue.

    Kind regards,

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