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Granada Attractions – Things to See and Do In Granada:

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The Generalife, Alhambra

Granada  may be a smallish city of fewer than half a million, but it is one of Spain’s best tourist mecca.  There are more things to see and do in Granada than in some cities much greater in size.  Not least of its attractions are The Alhambra and The Generalife, two of the most often visited sites in Europe.

Things to See and Do in Granada

As the last of the Moorish kingdoms in Spain, Granada’s Moorish heritage is unmistakable.  In the  Albaicín district, its narrow winding streets lead visitors to its Medieval Moorish past.  Remains of an Arab bath, Moorish houses and gardens, a mosque – these are just some of the reminders of Granada’s Moorish history.

From the Mirador de San Nicolas in the Albaicin district is one of the best views of the Alhambra. There are several fine cafes here from which to sit and enjoy not only the palace but equally stunning views of the Peinador de la Reina, the Torres Bermejas and other outstanding features of Granada.

The Alhambra is one the most visited monuments of Granada.  There are many outstanding features in the Alhambra and one of the sites that has graced the cover of many tourist brochures of Granada and featured on postcards is the Patio de Los Leones (Court of the Lions).  This fountain supported by lions – a practically unknown element in Islamic architecture – is at the centre of a large courtyard. Around the rim are dozens of medium height classic Moorish arches supported by highly decorative columns.

Not far from Alhambra are the renowned Generalife Gardens of Granada, a must-see for anyone looking for an oasis in what can be a very hot city at times. Originally begun in the 13th century, they continued to evolve long after. There is also an annual festival held here at The Patio de la Acequia, a particularly beautiful section based on an Oriental garden design.

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Court of the Lions, The Alhambra

In the centre of the Old Town is the impressive Granada Cathedral. Constructed at a time when the architectural style of Spain was transitioning from Gothic to Renaissance, it is a stellar mix of the two. The Capilla Mayor is one of the highlights of any tour of the church. But there are also illuminated manuscripts, paintings by Botticelli and van der Weyden, and much more.

Next to the Granada Cathedral is the Capilla Real.  The royal chapel is located on the very spot once occupied by Isabella of Spain before she met with Christopher Columbus.  Below the mausoleum is the crypt of Isabella, husband Ferdinand and other members of the royal family.

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