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telephone-blue_300 Follow Me on Pinterest Finding a residential (house) or business phone or mobile (cell) phone number in Spain is relatively easy, the online Spanish phone books are quite efficient and mostly offer English versions. Telefonica is the former monopoly, but there are other suppliers now. Spanish landline phone numbers always have nine digits; there are no separate long distance codes in Spain, wherever you are you just dial the number, which includes the area code. Spain’s telephone country code is 34.

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Official white pages for individuals and companies in Spain. You need to choose a province from the drop-down menu. Includes basic map links. Unfortunately they seem to have stopped providing other language options, but Google Translate works fine.

Official yellow pages business directory for Spain. Put company name in "empresa". In Spanish. GTS, but image titles not translated, so a bit difficult. Check links lower down on the page.

Residential and commercial telephone listings for Spain, in Spanish. Google toolbar didn’t work here, but it’s easy to use though. Residencial/Comercial. Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay as well!

Directory of business and services in Spain. In Spanish. GTS ok in spite of images: check drop-down menus in search boxes.

Search for residential numbers (People), businesses, by area (like yellow pages).

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      Hi Ann,
      The White Pages for Spain are no longer in English, so I’ve changed that link, but all the other options are fine. Just go to the URLs given.
      Tony Page

  1. avatarClive Gray says

    Tony, can you delete the reverse lookup statement in infobel please. They don’t offer reverse lookup as you say.

    Like Celina, I’m looking for reverse lookup.

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