Swiss Cheese – more than Gruyère, but…

Swiss Cheese Selection

  When I read that there are more than 400 varieties of Swiss cheese, I was astounded. Most non-Swiss people would only know of a handful, the most popular ones being Emmenthal and Gruyère. Still, Gruyère is undoubtedly the big cheese of the Swiss dairy industry, so when we visited the walled city of Gruyères, […]

The Giger Museum – An Alien Encounter in Gruyères

Giger Museum - Gruyères

In the Land of the Gruyère Cheese, The Giger Museum Seems an Oddity: Fans of the “Alien” movies will be pleased to know that the Museum H R Giger is in Gruyères. This Giger Museum is home to the permanent collection of the works of H.R. Giger, the award winning Swiss designer of Ridley Scott’s […]