Lorelei Rock and the Lorelei Siren

Of legends, forklores and the Rhine Siren:

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Lorelei Rock - A Rhine Legend

The Rhine river is steeped in myths, sagas, legends, forklore and fairytales and the many castles along the Rhine hold tales of historical and political events, medieval battles, military conflicts and knights brandishing swords.

The Lorelei Legend

One legend that you’ll hear most about on a Rhine river cruise is that of the Lorelei Rock.  The legend is as old as time itself and tells of Lorelei, a beautiful young maiden who committed suicide because of her unfaithful lover. She took her life by jumping from the steep rock into the Rhine River. Lorelei then became a siren, luring sailors to their death with her hypnotising voice. The murmuring from the water is said to be Lorelei’s voice.

Where to See the Lorelei

Depending on which direction your river cruise is headed, the rock could be on the western or eastern bank of the Rhine river, near St. Goarshausen

Our cruise was going upstream from Amsterdam to Budapest and so the rock was on the left bank. 

The river is at its narrowest here and a very strong current and rocks below the waterline have caused many boat accidents at this point. As you approach the rock, you’ll see the currents are quite strong here and today a red buoy warns boat captains not to be enticed by the Rhine maiden.

You’ve got to be quick to get this shot.  I totally missed it but thankfully Tony got it.

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