Sevastopol and the Khan’s Palace

Dnieper River Cruise – Sevastopol, Ukraine

DAY 3 – Sevastopol (Fri.) Scenic Cruising. Spend the morning cruising the Black Sea, arriving in Sevastopol after lunch. Included Sevastopol Tour. Upon arrival, disembark for a tour of Sevastopol. Once the base of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, it is Ukraine’s largest commercial fishing and shipping port. Make a stop at the hilltop St. Vladimir Cathedral, the Admiral Nakhimov Memorial and Prince Pier. Until recently, the city was closed to all who did not hold a special permit. Sevastopol Leisure Time & Optional Tour. The rest of the afternoon is free for you to explore on your own or do some shopping. You may choose to take the optional tour to Chersonese, an ancient Greek colony founded 2,500 years ago. Located on the shore of the Black Sea, its name means “peninsula.” Tour the archaeological sites and explore the history of this city and its people (cost of the optional tour is the equivalent of €20, which includes coach transportation and a guide). Optional Performance. Before dinner, you may want to enjoy an optional performance by the lively Black Sea Band & Dance Ensemble. This group was the most popular in the former USSR, and is also well known abroad due to its frequent European tours (cost of the optional tour is the equivalent of €27, which includes a guided walk to the theatre and entrance to the performance). Those attending this performance will have a late dinner aboard your ship which remains docked overnight. (B,L,D)
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Sevastopol Harbour

At 09:30 we have an information session where the guide provides interesting information about the Ukraine and its history.  We also have a rundown of the programme for Sevastopol.

There is quite a change to the itinerary as we’re not arriving into Sevastopol until approx. 15:00.  The optional tour to Chersonese has been moved to tomorrow.  This afternoon we’ll be going to Bakchisarai instead. Most of today is spent cruising the Dnieper River as arrival in Sevastopol is now expected to be about 15:00.

Note:  If you’ve been on a Rhine River Cruise, don’t expect the same kind of experience on the Dnieper River Cruise.  The Dnieper River is miles wide in certain locations and for parts of the cruise you won’t see land at all.  There are no romantic castles or the lush beautiful riverside scenery as on the Rhine.

For those who wish to limber up, you can practice some qi-gong on the Sun Deck after breakfast.

At 15:00 our river boat docks in Sevastopol, and we leave for our shore excursion to see the Khan’s Palace at Bakhchisarai which was very interesting.

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St Vladimir's Cathedral, Sevastopol

The river boat is moored right in town so you can get off the boat and stroll around the dock area. Beyond the white stone arch is the interesting Black Sea Fleet Museum.

Dinner at 19:30 and this evening’s on-board entertainment includes a Music Quiz.

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