Austria: Land of the great composers

Austria – a country of geniuses:

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Aerial View of Salzburg

When you think of what makes Austria a great travel destination, reflect back to all its famous citizens who brought international fame to the country.  Over 250 years after the death of Mozart, we are all still craving for his music.  160 years after the death Johann Strauß, people are still dancing to his waltzes.  The list of famous composers, writers and scientists, successful sportsmen and movie stars (including one ex “Terminator”), is huge.

What does Austria have to offer tourists?

Lots is the answer:  Whether you’re interested in museums, galleries, operas, concerts, exploring the theories of Sigmund Freud, sightseeing, skiing, ice-skating, tobogganing, cyling, walking and hiking, cruising, food and wine or just relaxing, Austria has something for everyone.  Furthermore, apart from its rich cultural heritage and beautiful landscape, each of its nine independent states and main cities have that something unique for tourists.  Here are few examples of some of the city offerings:

Vienna – Austria’s capital city is one of the cultural capitals of Europe.  Here you’ll find a unique blend of imperial traditions and modern architecture. Famous for its cultural events, its annual cultural calendar is packed with concerts, festivals and balls. In music alone, there are hundreds of concerts during the year.  Vienna also offers imperial insights, an opportunity to experience the famous Viennese coffee house culture as well as the cozy wine taverns or ‘heurigen’. Star attraction here is Schonbrunn Palace.

Salzburg – That it is the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is enough to bring in the crowds. When they say that Salzburg is the Stage of the World, they’re not kidding!  Some 4,000 cultural events combine to make Salzburg one of the most important cultural metropolises. This is also a city of churches, castles and palaces and its picturesque Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage sight. Go up to Hohensalzburg fortress to enjoy an panoramic view of this city.  Hohensalzburg is one of the major the landmarks of Salzburg and is also Central Europe’s largest intact fortress.  Mozart adored Salzburg, and so do many visitors.  This is certainly one of my favourite cities.

Innsbruck – The Imperial Palace, Ambras Palace, Ottoburg, the Wilten Basilica, the Golden Roof and the tomb at the Imperial Church are all reminders of Innsbruck’s eventful past and the great individuals of the time.  Innsbruck is wedged scenically between two impressive mountain chains and an absolute must do on any visit to Innsbruck is a gondola ride up Seegrube (2,000m). From here you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the Inn Valley and the surrounding mountains.  Winter sports is great here as evidenced by the selection of Innsbruck to host the Winter Olympic Games in 1964 and 1976. The Christmas markets here is really enjoyable too.  Ladies who love Swarovski crystals will enjoy their store in Innsbruck.  This is another top city.

Linz – As the 2009 host city for European Capital of Culture, Linz is abuzz with cultural festivals and events, both modern and traditional.  Stroll through Linz’s Old City, walk on centuries-old charming cobblestone streets and admire its ancient architecture. The main square is one of the largest in Central Europe.  For a panoramic view of the city, take a ride on one of the Continent’s steepest traction railway, which will take you on a leisurely ride up Pöstlingberg.

Why is this tiny country blessed with some many talented people?

Whilst enjoying morning coffee in one of their famous coffee houses, you may wish to ponder on why this tiny country of 8 million people have so many geniuses – is it just a statistical abberation, something in the water, or do Austrians carry a gene that makes them so brilliant!  Whatever the answer is, they have certainly made Austria a most desirable tourist destination!

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