Sainte-Chapelle – A Gateway to Heaven

One of the greatest Architectural masterpieces:

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Sainte Chapelle Upper Chapel, Paris

This small chapel is a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture and one of the most amazing visual experiences of Paris. Much of this is due to its stained glass windows which surround the entire upper floor.  So stunningly beautiful are its stained glass interior that even in the Middle Ages,  worshipers likened the church to “a gateway to heaven”.

La Sainte-Chapelle (The Holy Chapel) is a 13th-century Gothic chapel on the Île de la Cité in the heart of Paris. It was built by King Louis IX for use as his royal chapel and to house relics from the Holy Land, believed to be the Crown of Thorns and part of the True Cross.

Sainte-Chapelle was completed quite quickly – it was planned in 1241, work started in 1246 and it was consecrated on April 26, 1248. There are two sanctuaries built one on top of the other – servants and commoners worshiped at the lower chapel whilst the upper chapel was reserved for the king and the royal family.

Exquisite Stained Glass Windows

The most visually beautiful aspects of the chapel, and considered the best of their type in the world, are the upper chapel’s 6,458 square feet of stained glass windows which are surrounded by delicate painted stonework. The 15 magnificent stained glass windows are in deep reds and blues and illustrate 1,130 scenes from the Bible.

The rose window was a gift from Charles VIII in 1485. Its 86 panels of stained glass tell the religious story of the Apocalypse. The best time to see this is at sunset.

Sainte-Chapelle itself is now surrounded by the Palais of Justice on the Ile de la Cité near the Notre Dame Cathedral where the remaining relics of Sainte-Chapelle are now housed in the Treasure House.

Classical Concerts at Sainte-Chapelle

Sainte-Chapelle is a popular venue for classical music performances and on any Paris holiday it’s hard to beat a classical music concert in this most exquisite church.
You can book your Sainte-Chapelle concert Here.

La Sainte Chapelle
4, boulevard du Palais
75001 Paris

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    Will there be a concert on June18th or June 19th at Sainte-Chapelle? How much are tickets? Do I need to make a reservation? Thank you.


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  2. […] Sainte Chapelle St. Chapelle is famous for its stained glass windows. This small chapel is a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture and one of the most amazing visual experiences of Paris. It is said that even in even in the Middle Ages, worshipers likened the church to “a gateway to heaven”. See what’s on at St Chapelle in 2013 and 2014 and book classical concerts online Here Read more about Sainte Chapelle > […]

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