Munich’s Famous Hofbrauhaus

Hofbrauhaus am Platzl, Munich

The Hofbrauhaus – A Popular Beer Hall and Tourist Attraction: The Hofbrauhaus am Platzl has a reputation of being one of Munich’s most popular beer halls and a great tourist attraction. It was based on this reputation that we were seduced into joining in an evening dinner here, even though we expected that the mostly […]

Schloss Charlottenburg – Berlin’s Largest Royal Palace

Schloss-Charlottenburg - Courtesy GNTB

Schloss Charlottenburg – Berlin’s largest royal palace of the Hohenzollern Dynasty: If listening to Baroque and classical music in a majestic royal palace pulls at your chords, then Schloss Charlottenburg, Berlin’s largest royal palace, must be one of the magnificent venues to do this. Music at Charlottenburg The Berliner Residenz Orchester chamber orchestra performs a […]

Nordlingen – A Medieval Town on the Romantische Strasse

Map of Nordlingen centre

Nordlingen on Germany’s Famous Romantic Road: Half way along Germany’s famous Romantic Road is the town of Nordlingen. Nordlingen sits in the Ries Basin, a large crater which according to information by the Nordlingen tourist office was formed millions of years ago as a result of a meteorite colliding with earth. During the Medieval Ages, […]

Veste Coburg – A Massive Castle in Coburg

Veste Coburg - Coburg Castle

Coburg Castle is Germany’s largest Castle and one of the largest in Europe: Situated on the bank of the River Itz, Coburg is dominated by the massive Veste Coburg, a massive fortress which is one of the largest in Germany. Coburg was the former residence of the Wettin family and its origins go back to […]

Dresden – One of Germany’s most Beautiful Cities

The Zwinger - Dresden

Dresden on the Elbe: With its scenic setting alongside the winding Elbe River, Dresden is reputedly one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. When you visit this charming and historic city with its baroque architecture, it’s hard to believe that most of the buildings have been rebuilt since WWII. Dresden first gained pre-eminence in […]

The Cutest Devil in Lübeck

St Mary's Church Devil, Lubeck

The Legend of the Lübeck Devil and St. Mary’s Church The medieval town of Lübeck has many tales and legends and one that is popularly told to most visitors is that of the cute little devil, sitting on a stone outside Marienkirche (St. Mary’s Church). About Lübeck’s Devil at St. Mary’s As the legend goes, […]

Lübeck – A Symbol of the Hanseatic League

Aerial View of Lubeck

Lübeck Cultural Attractions Symbolize its Great Past as a Free Hanseatic City: Founded in 1143, this picturesque medieval town of Lübeck was a member of the powerful Hanseatic League and up to this day its cultural attractions symbolize the great past of Lübeck as free Hanseatic city. Lübeck was founded as the first German city on […]

Lübeck’s Famous Niederegger Marzipan

Lübeck Marzipan

Taste The Perfect Niederegger Marzipan in Lübeck: Lübeck is famous for its marzipan and from the number of visitors and shoppers in the Niederegger Patisserie in Breite Strasse, it is evident that marzipan is much sought after by visitors to this historical town. Marzipan has been popular in Europe since the 19th century.  The sweets […]

Oktoberfest Food

Oktoberfest Food

Oktoberfest Tents and the Foods They Specialize In: There are plenty of tents to enjoy on your Oktoberfest visit at, many of which specialize in certain beers or traditional Oktoberfest food. To make the most of your Oktoberfest visit and to make sure that you don’t miss out on enjoying your favourite Oktoberfest taste sensation, […]

Viktualienmarkt – Munich's Culinary Centre

Pumpkins Galore..

Viktualienmarkt – Where the Freshest of Munich Food Can be Found: You can be certain of a city’s strong food culture when its central food market keeps growing and growing. Such is the case with Munich’s Viktualienmarkt which has been the city’s culinary centre for over two centuries. Even back in 1807, this Munich food […]