Cycling Holidays in Germany: Cycling in the Mosel Region

Cycling in Mosel - Photo Courtesy Mosel Tourism

Cycling Holidays in Germany – Discover the Mosel Valley on a Cycling Holiday: For the illustrious cyclist who wants to enjoy cycling holidays in Germany, the Mosel Tourist Board is making biking holidays in the Mosel region much easier. The Mosel is one of Germany’s most beautiful rivers and the Mosel Valley’s reputation as a […]

Mosel – Germany’s Most Prestigious Wine Region

Mosel Region - Photo by Moselland Tourism

The Mosel is Famous For its Sweeping Steep Slopes of Vineyards and Fine Riesling: Germany has 13 distinct wine regions and the Mosel, although fifth in terms of production, is undoubtedly the most famous of it’s wine regions internationally. The Mosel (or Moselle in French) region covers the Saar, Ruwer and Mosel river valleys and […]

Bürgersaal – A Munich Church with Beautiful Frescos

Bürgersaal, Munich © Travel Signposts

Bürgersaal or Bürgersaalkirche is a Fine Example of Bavarian Rococo Work : To the north of Marienplatz, at Neuhauser Strasse 48, is Bürgersaal (or Bürgersaalkirche), a Munich church that is worth a visit. Bürgersaal was originally built as a ‘citizens hall’ – a meeting place for the Marian Congregation.  The Marian Congregation was a Catholic […]

Starkbierzeit – Munich’s Secret Beer Festival

Enjoying a German beer

Munich’s Secret Spring Beer Festival – Starkbierzeit: Oktoberfest is well known around the world (beer drinker or not). But Munich has another huge beer festival that is not so well publicised. At the Starkbierzeit ask for “ein Doppelbock bitte” and you’ll be served with a very potent double strength beer! “Bock” stands for strong beer […]

Germany Tour: Highlights of Germany – Part 2

Hofbrauhaus Dray

Highlights of Germany – Part 2 of our Germany Tour Route, Itinerary and Comments: Part 2 of our Highlights of Germany tour post covers Day 5 till the end of the tour (see part 1 here >). As with the first part of this post, the sections in blue are from the brochure, followed by […]

Germany Tour – Highlights of Germany

Germany Tour Route May

Highlights of Germany – Our Germany Tour Route, Itinerary and Comments: This is the itinerary of a 12-day Cosmos Highlights of Germany tour which we did in September 2010. It’s actually 10 days of touring when you discount the arrival and departure days.  This tour starts and ends in Frankfurt. When we were looking for […]

Schloss Köpenick – A Baroque Palace in Köpenick, Berlin

Köpenick Castle

Schloss Köpenick is One of the Town of Köpenick’s Main Attractions:   To the south-east of Berlin is the historic town of Köpenick, a town that is much older than Berlin. Long before Köpenick became a part of Berlin, it was an independent town.  One of Köpenick’s main attractions is the Schloss Köpenick, a Baroque […]

Konzerthaus Berlin – Berlin’s Centre of Classical Concerts

Konzerthaus Berlin

Konzerthaus Berlin – The Centre of Berlin Classical Concerts: In its previous incarnation, the Konzerthaus Berlin was once the Königliches Schauspielhaus, a theatre built by by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Located on Berlin’s historic Gendarmenmarkt Square in the central Mitte district, it was considered to be a masterpiece of German classicism architecture. The Famous Schauspielhaus The […]

Mädler Passage – A Magnificent Leipzig Shopping Arcade

Mädler Passage, Leipzig © Travel Signposts

Mädler Passage Is Beautiful Shopping Arcade in the Heart of Historic Leipzig: Mädler Passage is one of Leipzig’s most magnificent city arcades and there are many reasons why locals use this arcade and why visitors to Leipzig might want to visit this arcade. This Mädler Passage is an L-shaped arcade which fronts onto Grimmaische Strasse […]

Leipzig Alte Handelsbörse – Leipzig’s Old Stock Exchange

Alte Handelsbörse © Travel Signposts

Leipzig Alte Handelsbörse Was The Old Trading Exchange for the City’s Merchants: Just behind the Leipzig Altes Rathaus (Old City Hall) at Naschmarkt 4 is one of my favourite Leipzig buildings, the Leipzig Alte Handelsbörse or Old Stock Exchange. By comparison to other Leipzig buildings, the Alte Handelsbörse is small in proportion and its symmetrical […]