Visiting the Roderturm – Rothernburg’s Wall Tower

The Roderturm Provides Fabulous Aerial Views of the Old Town :

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Rothenburg Wall Walk

A charming part of the skyline of Rothenburg are the towers (turm) that form a part of the city’s fortress walls and gateways.  There are several towers along the city wall and its interesting to see that they are all quite different. 

Rothernburg Turm

Of all the wall towers, Roderturm is the only one that is open to the public.  To get to the top of Roderturm requires climbing up several flights of steep timber steps, at the end of which you are rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the Old Town and the surrounding area.  If you do have some difficulties with climbing steps, visiting the tower is not recommended.

Roderturm is a 13th century tower and at the top in the tower room there is a small gallery which tells about the destruction of Rothenburg during World War II and also about the construction of Rothenburg’s fortification. It costs a couple of Euros to visit the tower, which you pay at the top at the small gift shop. It is manned by volunteers and we were lucky that the very nice man on duty this morning spoke English.  He was very pleased to share some information about Rothenburg and gave us some tips on what to see. We called him the Master of Roderturm and he was quite chuffed.

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Roderturm - Rothenberg Tower

For those who do not have a problem with climbing steep steps, going up the Rothenburg’s Roderturm is well worth it for the magnificent view of this beautiful town from the Middle Ages.

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