St Lorenzkirche – A Lutheran Nürnberg Church

Lorenzkirche Is The Most Important of Nuremberg Churches:

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Cross the Pegnitz River to the southern part of the old town and the 80-metre towering twin steeples of St Lorenzkirche are hard to miss. St Lorenzkirche (St Lawrence Church) is the largest and most important of Nuremberg churches.

Lorenzkirche holds many beautiful and important works of art, but this high-Gothic church is itself a work of art.  The church was built between 1243-1315, primarily as a three-aisled basilica. The west transept was subsequently enlarged in the late Gothic style with splendid gargoyles, portals and rosette windows.

The main portal, with its many sculptures, is magnificent. Suspended from the ceiling above the altar of the main nave of Lorenzkirche is a splendid group of sculptures such as the Annunciation by Veit Stoss (1518).   Stoss was also the creator of the crucifix in the main altar. His other creation was the superb statue of the Archangel Michael which can be seen standing by the second pillar of the main nave.

Other great works of art in Lorenzkirche are the Tabernacle from the master craftsman Adam Kraft 1496, an altar from the middle ages along with numerous epitaphs and stunning stained-glass windows. Some of the magnificent stained-glass windows were also the work of Adam Kraft.

Much of Lorenzkirche was damaged during WWII and after years of hard work, it was rebuilt and the first service in the restored church took place on 10 August 1952.

Lorenzkirche holds regular midday concerts where locals and visitors alike can enjoy sacred music, classical music and other modern music played on one of the largest organs in Europe. Visitors are allowed to visit the church when there is no service on and it’s also possible to join in the church and tower tours.

Lorenzkirche gives its name to the Lorenzer Platz, which is a popular meeting place for locals.

St. Lorenzkirche
Lorenzer Platz
90402 Nürnberg

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