Schöner Brunnen – Nuremberg’s Beautiful Fountain

Schöner Brunnen - Nürnberg Hauptmarkt

Good Luck Is Bestowed Upon Those Who Turn The Schöner Brunnen Ring Three Times: In Nuremberg’s market square (Nürnberg Hauptmarkt) is one of the city’s most famous fountains, the Schöner Brunnen (Beautiful Fountain). A common sight at the south-west flank of the Beautiful Fountain is one of tourists hanging on to the fountain grille and […]

Nürnberg Hauptmarkt – Nuremberg’s Market Square

Nuremberg Hauptmarkt

Nuremberg Hauptmarkt is The Main Market Square in the City Centre: For most people visiting Nuremberg on a coach tour or river cruise, you will no doubt be dropped off in the Nürnberg Hauptmarkt.  Nuremberg’s large market square is in the heart of the city centre and here alone there are many things to see […]