Wine Tasting in Paris at O’Chateau

Enjoy French Wine-Tasting in the Heart of Paris at O’Chateau :

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Wine-tasting at O-Chateau

For anyone interested in tasting French wines during their holiday in Paris, O Chateau is a wine-tasting company that offers visitors the opportunity to learn about French wines and engage in wine-tasting in the heart of Paris. O Chateau was one of the attractions included in our Paris Pass and so we went along to see what it was like.

O Chateau Wine Tasting

O Chateau offers wine tasting classes and you can also dine at their restaurant which is simply called Le Restaurant. The company offers a range of different wine-tasting packages and you can choose from a four wines package, six wines package, wine and meal package or the Paris Pass Tasting, etc. They range in price, depending on the number of wines and types of wines you wish to taste. The Paris Pass Tasting is the cheapest of the packages and for €30 you get to taste 3 wines whereas the Deluxe Tasting package includes 6 fine wines. Wine-tasting can be in group sessions or private tastings.

A Paris Pass Attraction

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Wine-tasting at O’Chateau

O Chateau’s wine-tasting programs appear to be very popular and if you only have a short stay in Paris, it would be wise to book on-line as early as possible, especially if you intend to visit them on your Paris Pass. For Paris Pass visitors, there is only one session a day, at 3:00 pm, and due to the size of their cellar, they can only accommodate a fixed number of visitors each session. If you are not able to secure a booking during the validity of your Paris Pass, then you will have missed the opportunity for this ‘free’ wine-tasting.

On the day that we attended the O Chateau wine-tasting, the session was fully booked. Our introductory one-hour session began with a little lecture about the wine regions of France, the terroir and what grapes grow where in France and the French system of grading wines. Any one who is familiar with French wines will know that the terroir is all important and that the French AOC designation or Appellation d’origine Contrôlée provides certification of the region of origin of the wine.  There are currently over 300 French wines with the AOC designation.


After the information session we were given three wines to taste, with an explanation about the characteristics of each of the wines. If you would like some cheese with your wine, O Chateau offers a nice cheese platter for about €8.00.  You can order this at the start of the session.

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Wine and Cheese at O’Chateau

Whilst the wine-tasting activity at O Chateau was a fun experience, we were not blown over by the wines that we were offered for tasting that afternoon.  With the huge range of good quality wines in Australia, we weren’t impressed by the three wines we tasted, but then, others in the room did enjoy them. If you find that the wines are to your liking, you can buy these from O Chateau at the end of the session.

The wine-tasting for Paris Pass holders is the basic level and if you are a wine connoisseur, it may be wiser to go for the Deluxe package.  You don’t have to be a Paris Pass holder to book wine-tasting at O Chateau and for private tastings you are free to book a time that suits you . O Chateau also offers other wine-tasting activities, such as wine tours from Paris. You can book O’Chateau wine tasting Here.

See more photos of wine-tasting at O Chateau Here.


O’Chateau Wine Tasting
68, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Paris 75001
Métro:  Louvre -Rivoli (Line 1) or Etienne Marcel (Line 4)

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