Tour Routes in Spain

Suggested Tour Routes to make the best of your holiday in Spain

Map of Spain with major cities Follow Me on Pinterest

Map of Spain with major cities

A Suggested Route around Spain

Although Spain is a major tour destination in its own right, many tours combine it with Portugal and even Morocco. Such combinations inevitably miss out interesting areas. Here’s a route that covers most of the major Spanish attractions so you can get an overall picture:

Note: links to the towns go to photo albums on the Travel Signposts website

MADRID – Segovia – AvilaSALAMANCA – Leon – Lugo – SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA – Coruna – Burgos – Vitoria – SANTANDERBilbaoSan SebastianPAMPLONAZaragozaBARCELONAPeniscola – Tarragona – VALENCIA – Alicante – GRANADA – Las Alpujarras (ORGIVA, Bubion, Trevelez) – Malaga – TorremolinosMijas – Marbella – Gibraltar – Jerez – SEVILLECordobaToledoMADRID

This tour would take a minimum of fifteen days to do and you wouldn’t be sitting still much, twenty would be more comfortable! If you wanted to cut it down, missing out the Santiago de Compostela extension and omitting the Alpujarras detour would still give you a pretty comprehensive tour.

A Spectacular and Diverse Country

Spain is a spectacular and diverse country. Although you may tend to think about the beaches and drier landscape of the south, don’t forget the north, especially the Basque Region, with its different food, mountains, ancient hill top walled villages and rolling, green hills that remind you a bit of Ireland.

Whether you’re visiting the Alhambra in Granada or the Grand Mosque of Cordoba (the Mezquita), or Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, or the Antoni Gaudi designed Parc Guell or Sagrada Família, Barcelona’s best-known landmark, the variety of attractions is astonishing.

And although you may have a tight schedule, the thing to remember is that Spain is best experienced slowly. Take it easy and relax, especially in the countryside, where life and the local people tend to move to a slower rhythm…you won’t regret it!


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