Travel to Spain for a holiday with passion!

Travel to Spain for a Europe Tour that will stir your emotions!

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Travel to Spain for a holiday with passion...

Travelling in Spain is a hot-blooded experience! Strong red wine, the brilliance and heat of the sun, spicy Spanish food, flamenco music that stirs your soul – whatever it is, people get passionate about their travel to Spain. It’s that kind of place.

Cowboys,Gaudi and Don Quixote

Sergio Leone shot Clint Eastwood in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in the deserts of Almeria, Gaudi conceived his Sagrada Familia and other mind-bending architectural masterpieces in Barcelona, Hemingway popularised the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona (although it happens in lots of places), Cervantes had Don Quixote and Sancho Panza tilting at windmills in La Mancha and Sev Ballesteros caused the proliferation of golf courses all over (although the constant sunshine helped).

Spain is fiestas – and a lot more!

Spain is Fiestas. All over Spain, from small villages to large cities, the local populace devote a couple of days each year to their own individual festivals.

But Spain is also Flamenco. Castanets. Guitars. Tapas. Gazpacho. Paella. Manchego cheese. Olives. Oranges. Rioja and Penedes wine. Sherry. And Cervantes. Lope de Vega. Lorca. Carreras. Domingo. Segovia. Velasquez. Goya. Picasso. Miro. Dali. Almadovar. Gaudi. The Alhambra. The Prado. La Mezquita. Costa Del Sol. Sierra Nevada. The Pyrenees.

Places that echo through history

Travel to places whose names echo through Europe’s history: Seville. Granada. Madrid. Valencia. Toledo. Cordoba. Salamanca. Barcelona. Zaragoza. Santiago de Compostela. Cadiz. Castile. Aragon.

Travel to Spain for a Europe tour with a hot-blooded difference!

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