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telephone-blue_300 Follow Me on Pinterest As you might expect, finding a Swiss phone number is easily done on line, in a choice of languages and for free! Swisscom offer over 6 million listings of private people and businesses in their Switzerland telephone directory. Whether you’re looking for a Swiss chalet phone number, mobile (cell) phone number or company, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Swiss phone numbers are nine digits long, but ten if you include the initial "0" which you must always dial within Switzerland. You omit it as usual when dialling into Switzerland from abroad. The Swiss telephone country code is 41. Swiss area phone codes are part of the subscriber number.

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Official Swisscom white pages telephone directories for Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) in English. Includes reverse search.

Official Swisscom Yellow Pages for Switzerland (and Liechtenstein) in English. Search by name, classification, keyword etc. Click on advance search for reverse search and other searches.

You can actually search all sections at the same time at LOCAL.CH ALL SECTIONS

"The Electronic Phonebook" Original Google-like, efficient white pages directory for Switzerland in English (or German, French or Italian). Search private and/or business. It has a neat device above the search box that shows you the number of entries corresponding with your search terms as you enter them – so if you only get to 1000 entries it would be a good idea to put in some more limiting terms! There were 4,130,261 entries in the database when last I looked…

Making Calls to Switzerland or from Switzerland to a foreign country.

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