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Amsterdam to Budapest River Cruise – Avalon Waterways – Day 5

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Miltenberg Market Square

This morning we arrived at the historic town of Miltenberg which is known for its gabled, timber-framed houses. From our Main River mooring it was a short walk to Hauptstrasse, the main street in the old town. Hauptstrasse is about a mile long and it links Würzburger Tor at the eastern end and Mainzer Tor to the west. These two towers framed the east-west boundaries of the Old Town in the past.

Walking Tour of Miltenberg

Our morning Miltenberg guided walking tour started from Hauptstrasse and took us along narrow cobblestone streets lined with beautiful gabled, half-timbered houses. Along this street, there were also many shops, cafes and bakeries to distract us – ooh, the smell of German bread baking!

For photography enthusiasts, Miltenberg provides good photo opportunities. The town’s history, rich cultural heritage and affluence are reflected in its beautiful medieval and Renaissance architecture. Gasthaus Zum Riesen at no. 97 Hauptstrasse is one such example. It is Germany’s oldest inn, offering traditional food and a range of specialty beers.

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Hotel Zum Riesen in Miltenberg

Further along from the Hotel Riesen is the historical marketplace (Schnatterloch) with its fine Renaissance fountain. At the marketplace we saw the fine examples of Milternberg’s timber-framed houses.

Other Miltenberg Attractions

Other things to see in Miltenberg include the Rathaus (Town Hall) and if you have time to go up the hill to the Mildenburg (the old castle), there are magnificent views to be had of Miltenberg and the Main River valley from the castle terrace.

Miltenberg has a Jewish community and we went up one of the narrow alleyways off Hauptstrasse and found the Jewish cemetery in an area that was previously the city moat.

For those who wanted to do some shopping there was time to shop for souvenirs before a coach took us to the charming town of Wertheim to browse the market square and Burg Wertheim.

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