Coblenz (Koblenz) – Rhine River Cruise

Coblenz (Koblenz) – Rhine River Cruise:

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Kaiser Wilhelm monument at KoblenzThe prosperity of Coblenz (from the Latin confluentia) derives from its position at the confluence of the Rhein and the Moselle. The skyline of Coblenz has been dominated by the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein since the 10th C. The maverick of the 19th C european high diplomacy, Austrian Prince Chancellor Metternich was born here (1773-1859).

The Romans had already established their presence here with the construction of the Castrum ad Confluentes in the 9th C BC. The city’s contemporary layout dates back to the rule of Bishops and Prince Electors of Trier who established themselves here in 1018 and resided in the town from 13th – early 19th C.

The French took over 1798 during the Revolutionary Wars and Coblenz continued to prosper under their (lucky for the inhabitants) benevolent rule. This may be because it reminded them of home; the French often called it ‘Little Paris‘.

With the downfall of the French in 1815, Coblenz came under Prussian rule. Unfortunately WWII brought severe destruction to its beautiful, old city area. However, the present day reconstruction of Coblenz is considered to be very successful, adding to its attractions as one of the centres of tourism on the Rhein and the Moselle.

As an interesting side note, the world famous guide books by Karl Baedeker were first published and sold here (1801-1859). You can still buy them here, but the company has long since gone.

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