Hotel Doctor Weinstube – A Bernkastel Hotel and Attraction

Hotel Doctor Weinstube – A Historical Hotel with an Unusual Name :

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Rustic decoration at Hotel Doctor Weinstube

For any Bernkastel visitor who is not familiar with the legend of the “Bernkasteler Doctor”, the Hotel Doctor Weinstube might seem like an odd kind of name for a hotel. The words ‘Doctor Weinstube’ are puzzling, but if you’re looking for a hotel in Bernkastel, don’t be put off by the unusual name. The Bernkasteler Doctor is one of the most highly rated wines in the region and the Hotel Doctor Weinstube name is a name play on this famous wine and its historical link to the man responsible for the building.

A Historical Building

The Hotel Doctor Weinstube occupies a building which was constructed in 1668 as a tithe house by Carl Caspar von der Leyen, then Archbishop-Elector of Trier. After the Thirty Years War, much had to be done to restore the country’s infrastructure and rebuild the economy. Elector von der Leyen is accredited with helping the country get back on its feet, with the help of taxes. The tithe house was where taxes were collected.

The Elector was also from the aristocratic House of Leyens (von der Leyens) who were owners of large wineries, including the Bernkasteler Doctor vineyard. They used to store their finest Bernkasteler Doctor wines in the spacious cellars of the tithe house.

Since the time of Elector von der Leyen, the building had changed hands several times and it was not until 1903 that the new owners remembered the connection of the building to the von der Leyens and their large holdings of wineries.  They thought that it was appropriate to name the Hotel after the famous wine.

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A Happy Elector with his Bernkasteler Doctor

Hotel Doctor Weinstube

Hotel Doctor Weinstube is just next to Karlsbader Platz in the historical centre of Bernkastel. This three-star historical and traditional hotel at Hebegasse 5, has quite interesting architectural features and decoration and on our walking tour of Bernkastel we stopped by the hotel to take a look.  The ceiling of one of the rooms is made of wine casks and the wine cellar is called “Doctor Keller”. The decorations and rustic timber-work of the main restaurant and bar area give this place a quaint and romantic atmosphere and there is also a nice courtyard.

Although its history dates back to the 17th century, the rooms of Hotel Doctor Weinstube have been newly renovated by its new owners and they are very modern. There are 28 rooms comprising 25 double and 3 single rooms. Some of the rooms are described as “reflecting the charm of the house by combining rustic elements with modern facilities”.

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Interior of Hotel Doctor Weinstube

We visited this hotel during our river cruise stop in Bernkastel, so we didn’t stay here. But the Hotel Doctor Weinstube has a nice feel and if we were to return to Bernkastel, this is a hotel that I wouldn’t mind staying at. You can book the Hotel Doctor Weinstube Here.

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Hebegasse 5
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