Oktoberfest Food

Oktoberfest Tents and the Foods They Specialize In:

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Oktoberfest Food

There are plenty of tents to enjoy on your Oktoberfest visit at, many of which specialize in certain beers or traditional Oktoberfest food.

To make the most of your Oktoberfest visit and to make sure that you don’t miss out on enjoying your favourite Oktoberfest taste sensation, it’s useful to know which tents  specialize in what food.  Here are some of them:

  • Bratwurst can be found at Zur Bratwurst, which is not really a tent but rather a two storied, timber house.
  • Cakes and pies are baked in the bakery inside the Café Mohrenkopf tent. Don’t forget to try some “Mohrenkopf”, a small chocolate-glazed cream cake. Café Mohrenkopf serves Dallmayr coffee, reputed to be one of the most famous in Germany.
  • Cheese lovers will want to visit Feisinger’s for some raclette and wine.
  • Roast Duck and Chicken, this really traditional Oktoberfest food can be found at Wildmoser, Ammer’s, Heimer’s, Poschner’s.
  • Dumplings galore can be found at Münchner Knödelei. Visitors can look forward to spicy dumplings with mushrooms or cheese, dumplings with spinach or beetroot for the health conscious and even sweet variations like the banana-dumpling. Look out for the tent that looks like a giant stove.
  • Fish lovers have Fischer-Vroni to thank for saving them from the pork knuckles, ox and other foods for carnivors. At Fischer-Vroni, Steckerlfisch, authentic charcoal-grilled “fish on a stick” is the specialty.
  • Oxen specialties can be found at Ochsenbraterei, one of the traditional tents. If this is your kind of food, you’ll be amazed at the range of dishes that can be created from ox meat.
  • Pastry lovers will want to visit Café Kaiserschmarrn, run by one of Munich’s most renowned bakeries, “Rischart”.
  • Sucking Pig can be found at Schützen-Festzelt.
  • Venision dishes are the specialty of The Wildstuben.

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