Heidelberg Castle is Top of the Pops

Of the Top 100 Attractions in Germany, Heidelberg Castle Was Voted Number 1:

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Schloss Heidelberg - Courtesy Heidelberg Marketing

Over a month ago we asked those of you who have been to Heidelberg to vote Heidelberg Castle as your favourite attraction in Germany. This was part of a survey by the German National Tourism Board (GNTB) to establish a Top 100 Must-See List. The results have just been released and Heidelberg fans will be pleased to know that visitors from around the world have voted Heidelberg Castle as their favourite German attraction.
Yes, Heidelberg Castle is Number 1 out of a list of 100 attractions.

A New Travel App

As previously explained, coming out top of the list is not just a case of prestige. GNTB is developing a new travel app on the Top 100 Must-See in Germany (in English and German) and being in the top 100 list gets the particular attraction featured in the new app.

Mark Twain’s Vote for Heidelberg Castle

There are so many wonderful attractions in Germany, but even back in 1880 Mark Twain knew that Heidelberg Castle had what it takes. Here’s a snippet of how he described Heidelberg Castle in his 1880 travel book A Tramp Abroad:
“A ruin must be rightly situated, to be effective. This one could not have been better placed. It stands upon a commanding elevation, it is buried in green woods, there is no level ground about it, but, on the contrary, there are wooded terraces upon terraces, and one looks down through shining leaves into profound chasms and abysses where twilight reigns and the sun cannot intrude. Nature knows how to garnish a ruin to get the best effect….”

Heidelberg Tourism Marketing

The team at Heidelberg Tourism Marketing worked hard to achieve this result and are of course absolutely chuffed that they have for the first time managed to beat the heavyweights like Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral and Neuschwanstein Castle as well as many of Germany’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. Heidelberg also scored a second entry in the Top 100 Attractions list. Heidelberg Altstadt / Alte Brücke came in at number 12.

For those of you who took the time to vote, Steffen Schmid, Heidelberg Tourism Marketing Director, says a heartfelt Thank You.

If you’re planning a trip to Germany see the list of Top 100 German Attractions HERE.

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