Bürgersaal – A Munich Church with Beautiful Frescos

Bürgersaal or Bürgersaalkirche is a Fine Example of Bavarian Rococo Work :

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Bürgersaal, Munich © Travel Signposts

To the north of Marienplatz, at Neuhauser Strasse 48, is Bürgersaal (or Bürgersaalkirche), a Munich church that is worth a visit.

Bürgersaal was originally built as a ‘citizens hall’ – a meeting place for the Marian Congregation.  The Marian Congregation was a Catholic organization that was linked to the Jesuit order.

The Bürgersaal, designed by Giovanni Antonio Viscardi, was built from 1709-1710 and since 1778 it has been used a church. The two-storey church has a baroque external facade.

The lower floor church hall is a plain and windowless room with numerous statues set in alcoves. The shrine of Pater Rupert Mayer is in the crypt of the ground floor church and is a pilgrimage destination. Ruper Mayer was a Jesuit parish priest who worked for the resistance against the Nazi regime and was canonized by Pope Johannes Paul II in 1987.

The more spectacular part of Bürgersaalkirche is the upper church hall with its fine example of south Bavarian Rococo. A figure of the Guardian Angel, created by Ignazz Gunther, can be found in the oratory. During World War II, much of the building was damaged, but the frescoes were spared and are the original works.


Neuhauser Strasse 48

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