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From the number of classical music festivals and evening concerts held in Berlin each summer, it’s obvious that Berlin is a city that loves its classical music. Annual summer music festivals like the Fête de la Musique, Classic Open Air, Berlin Klassiktage and Musikfest Berlin are just a few of the popular annual classical concert and opera festivals set in spectacular, historic settings all over the city.

However, if you prefer to enjoy classical music in a more intimate setting, there are a number of historical Berlin churches and cathedrals that are venues for regular classical concerts.

Following are some Berlin churches to enjoy classical music performances in heavenly settings. You can book tickets online for these performances.

Berlin Churches and Cathedrals

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Berliner Dom
The Berliner Dom or Berlin Cathedral is located in the historic centre of Berlin. The first church built near Berliner Dom in 1465 was the court chapel for the Hohenzollern family, within the castle complex. Later the church of the Dominican Order (Schwarze Brüder), located at the south side of the castle, was used as the first cathedral. Berliner Dom was originally designed as a Baroque cathedral but in 1822 it was remodelled in the neo-Classicist style by the Berlin architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel.
See what’s on at Berliner Dom and book concerts online HERE.;
Follow Me on Pinterest Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche
The Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche or Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, is one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks. The old church was built (1891 – 1895) on orders by Emperor Wilhelm II in honor of his grandfather Wilhelm I. The church was destroyed during the war, leaving only the belfry standing. A new church was built from 1951 to 1961, next to the site of the old one. The old church ruin has been kept as a reminder of the horrors of war.
See what’s on at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedaechtniskirche and book concerts online HERE.
Follow Me on Pinterest Französiche Friedrichstadtkirche
The first parts of the Französiche Friedrichstadtkirche or French Church was built from 1701 to 1705 for the Huguenot (Calvinist) community. By the end of the 17th century, when approximately 200,000 Huguenots were driven from France during a series of religious persecutions, many found their way to Berlin. The French Church was modelled after the destroyed Huguenot temple in Charenton-Saint-Maurice in France.
See what’s on at Französiche Friedrichstadtkirche and book classical concerts online HERE.
Follow Me on Pinterest Gethsemanekirche
The Protestant Gethsemanekirche or Gethsemane Church was designed by August Orth and built between 1891-93.  Gethsemane Church is famous for the role it played during the Peaceful Revolution in the GDR in autumn 1989.  The church stands on the corner of Stargard/Greifenhagener Streets in the north of the hamlet Prenzlauer Berg.
See what’s on at Gethsemanekirche and book classical concerts online HERE.
Follow Me on Pinterest Auenkirche
Auenkirche was designed by Max Spitta and built from 1895 to 1897 in Berlin neo-Gothic style. The organ in Auenkirche, one of the largest and most important is Berlin, is used for events like classical music. It is also believed to be the second-largest musical instrument in the German capital.
See what’s on at Auenkirche and book classical concerts online HERE.

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