Rüdesheim on the Rhine

A Night of Fireworks and Rheingau wines:

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Rüdesheim, Rhineland's best wine village

Rüdesheim is one of the Rhineland’s best known wine villages and has many attractions. This charming village is on the route of many Rhine river cruises and as passengers disgorge from their river boats, they are brought to Drosselgasse where they can stroll along the cobbled-stone streets and take in the village atmosphere, that is if they’ve not been snared into one of the many wine taverns and beer gardens.

Drosselgasse is lined with many taverns and tempting beer gardens and the Rheingau’s famous rieslings, sparkling sekt and locally distilled brandies keep visitors in a cheerful mood here. Those interested in how wine is produced in the Rheingau, can visit the wine museum at the Bromserburg castle. Most of the original timber-framed houses were destroyed in World War II, but the rebuilt versions have weathered nicely and look the part.

A Magical Night of Fireworks on the Romantic Rhine

The Americans are not the only people who will be setting off fireworks on July 4. For over 30 years visitors from all over the world have been coming to the Rhine river to watch this magnificent fireworks event between Trechtingshausen and Bingen/Rüdesheim. Visitors will experience seven fabulous fireworks displays, “burning castles“, and a stunning fleet of illuminated riverboats. The flotilla glides in what seems an endless procession under the umbrella of perhaps the most elaborate fireworks to be seen in Germany.  They pass the famous Bingen Gap before the surrounding valley erupts in a grand finale display of pyrotechnic art.

You can immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere along the banks of the romantic Rhine or for a more spectacular view of this event you can reserve a “front-row seat” aboard one of the many ships that leave from Bingen or Rüdesheim. Three categories of cruises are available and tickets can be purchased from the Rüdesheim Tourist Centre.

All around the village, there are lots of opportunity for wine tasting but if you happen to be in Rüdesheim on the third weekend in August, this is when Rüdesheim has its big Wine Festival.

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