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Germany: a country that’s a lot more than Beer, Lederhosen and Cuckoo Clocks!

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Reichstag, the German Parliament in Berlin

Most people associate travel to Germany with either big modern cities and Mercedes thrashing down autobahns or quaint wood-beamed houses, men in lederhosen and buxom barmaids holding gigantic steins of beer in each hand while cuckoo clocks chime in the background.

OK, I’m exaggerating,

but sometimes Germany does seem to have a split personality (especially when tourist organisations are involved). Travelling in Germany can obviously involve visits to a major metropolis like Duesseldorf or Stuttgart, but are you really touring Germany to see them? I don’t think so.

What you’re really out to see:

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    A pleasant summer drink in Bamberg

  • Historic cities, romantic castles, rural farming villages, picturesque lakes, renowned spa towns and awe-inspiring fortresses.
  • Twisting alleys and narrow gabled houses, romantic half-timbered cottages and picturesque old town centres, lush winegrowing areas and mediaeval free cities.
  • Romanesque monasteries, gothic cathedrals and village churches, the Alps, the Baltic, wineries, pubs, bistros and gourmet restaurants.
  • “Little Red Riding Hood” forests and places of sagas, myths and Grimms’ fairy tales, the Romantic Road, the Black Forest (and cake), scenery, cuisine and ambience.

And if that’s not enough, you can visit the Ries Crater at Nordlingen where American astronauts trained for their moon walks, and yes, the largest cuckoo clock in the world at Schonach…

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