Italo – Italy’s New ‘Ferrari’ High-Speed Train

Italo – The New Italian High-Speed Train Looks Like the Train Equivalent of Ferrari Cars:

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Italo - CC Treno .Italo - NTV S.p.A.

From April 2012, the sleek-looking red ‘Italo’  high-speed trains has started criss-crossing the landscape of Italy and no doubt turning heads. The wow factor – they look like the rail equivalent of Ferrari cars, with speed to match.

Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV), Europe’s first private operator of high-speed trains, is the owner of the new Italo high-speed train. That the Italo’s red livery, speed and sleek design may remind passengers of Ferrari cars is no accident. A founding shareholder in the NTV is none other than Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the chairman of Ferrari and another collaborator is Diego Della Valle, the owner of TOD’S, the luxury goods brand.

High-Speed Train in Italy

High-speed rail services in Italy are currently provided by the state-owned Trenitalia. However, train travel in Italy does not enjoy the best of reputation and NTV obviously believes that they can give Trenitalia a run for their money by providing deluxe service on high-speed services.

And just in case you think that only Ferrari owners can afford to travel on this deluxe high-speed train, NTV assures that even crisis-hit Italians will be able to afford travel on the Italo.

NTV’s Italo will offer three different classes of travel (Club, Prima and Smart) to suit different budgets. And, like airline fares, customers will be able to benefit from the Smart pricing in cheaper off-peak travel and also by booking early to enjoy discounts on fares. For timetable and ticket prices see Here.

The Italo High-Speed Network

The Italo services have started with two main lines:

From Milan to Salerno:  Milan – Turin – Bologna – Florence – Rome – Naples – Salerno
From Venice to Rome :  Venice – Padova – Bologna – Florence – Rome

New Breed of High-Speed Trains

The new Italo trains are by the French company Alstrom Transport and this new AGV (Automotrice à Grande Vitesse) breed of trains is the next generation to the TGV trains.

Travelling on these “Ferrari trains” is certainly something to look forward to, so be on the lookout for discount fares!

Italo High Speed Train

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