Indulge in Italian fashion, but without breaking the bank…

Shopping for Italian fashion needn’t cost you an arm and a leg:

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If you love Italian fashion but the prices along via Condotti make you dizzy and give you heart palpitations, all is not lost. There are department stores in Italy where you can buy the latest of Italian fashions at a fraction of via Condotti prices.

Oviesse Industry or OVS is one such department store chain with a reputation for making inexpensive trendy fashion. The company’s mission statement says “We create, select and produce quality fashion clothing, with responsibility and always at a fair price ….”

Oviesse’s business model is to produce high quality fashion collections at affordable prices and with the aim of constantly renewing looks.

With traditional good Italian tailoring and by collaborating with top designers, they are able to manufacture the latest styles and trends in its clothes, but always with the emphasis on quality and price.  There is a boutique area called Baby Angel which is a range designed by Fiorucci. The garments, shoes and accessories in this collection are very attractive and mostly aimed at the younger set.  Prices range from 20 – 40 Euros for the latest collection.

Oviesse stores cater for all age groups and also has a plus-size range. At Oviesse you can find good deals on quality clothing for men, women and children and they also have a leather section. Apart from clothing, Oviesse has a large selection of cosmetics and toiletries.

There are some great bargains to be had in the clothes department. The articles on offer are always fashionable and if you like following fashion, you can certain afford to continually change looks without blowing your life savings. Oviesse is a also good place to shop for children’s clothing, since their wardrobe is in constant need of renewal.

Oviesse, or OVS Industry, is part of the Coin Group, which is the equivalent of Debenhams in England or Target in Australia.  They have 300 stores around Italy and another 25 overseas.  If you’re concerned about mass produced fashion, you needn’t worry as it’s unlikely that someone else back home will have purchased the same garment, shoes or accessories as you.

Despite the poor economic climate, Oviesse’s business is thriving which shows that people do want to keep buying fashion, if they can buy it an reasonable prices.

To find your nearest Oviesse store in Italy or elsewhere, check out Oviesse’s website on  Oviesse is certainly a worthwhile place to shop at during your Italy vacation if you need to buy gifts for friends and family.

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  1. avatarpassi says

    Bargain hunters should head to outlet shopping center Castle Romano. Its great for bargains year round and so nice to go shopping there!


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