How to Get to Castel Romano from Termini Station

Castel Romano Shuttle Bus Services:

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Over the years we have visited the Castel Romano designer outlet in Rome on many occasions and as can be seen from the comments and queries we’ve received, there’s been many questions asked about how to get to Castel Romano from Rome city centre.

Castel Romano Shuttle from Rome Termini Station

There is a daily shuttle service that leaves from the via Marsala exit of Rome Termini station, but one thing to be aware of is that the shuttle arrangements and departure location do change slightly every now and then.

When we first started using the Castel Romano shuttle service, it was a red Castel Romano branded bus. Then they changed it to a black Castel Romano branded bus. And on our latest visit (September 2012), they were using both a large white unbranded bus as well as the smaller black branded Castel Romano bus. So if you’re planning to take the Castel Romano shuttle, don’t be surprised if there are changes in arrangements. The main thing is that the shuttles do run and that approaching the departure time you will see others waiting for the bus.

Buying Your Ticket for the Shuttle

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From the via Marsala exit of Termini Station, cross the road and slightly to the left you’ll see a small non-descript booth, about the size of a phone box, with faded airport tickets sign on it. You must buy your shuttle ticket from this booth as tickets are not sold on the bus.

When you’ve purchased your ticket, cross back to the Termini Station exit and as you are crossing the road you’ll see a large pharmacy to your left. The Castel Romano shuttle departs from the parking spot in front of the pharmacy.

Close to the scheduled departure time, a man will appear with a cardboard with “Castel Romano” on it to gather people to the correct waiting spot and to check that you’ve bought your shuttle ticket. If you don’t have a ticket, he will direct you to the booth mentioned above.

During our September 2012 trip, they used a plain white bus, so it was handy that this man was on hand to confirm that this was the right bus to hop on.  We caught the 12:30 shuttle to Castel Romano and it was packed with keen shoppers. There were people of all nationalities and a noticeable increase in Russian shoppers.

Changes at Castel Romano

The old signature white tents are no longer there and the Castel Romano complex is currently undergoing an expansion plan.  By 2013, the complex will be larger and there will be more shops. We spent a few hours here and I was happy to buy a pair of yellow Feragamo sandals, and both Tony and I bought clothes from our favourite designers. We restrained our shopping here as we will be going to the Veneto designer outlet in a couple of weeks.

Castel Romano Bus from Piazza Risorgimento

If your hotel is in the vicinity of the Vatican, you can now catch the Castel Romano outlet bus that departs from Piazza RisorgimentoFor more information see HERE.

Cost of Shuttle Bus Ticket:

The return fares are Euro 13 (as at September 2012) per person (adults), Euro 8 for children (aged 14 – 18) and free for children under 14 years old.  The journey takes about 45 minutes and you’re dropped off right at the outlet entrance. The shuttle ticket entitles you to a Privilege Card for the day which gives you a further 10% discount at certain shops. This however does not apply to items that are “on promotion” or “on sale”.

The Castel Romano shuttle bus certainly is a much easier way to get to the outlet and the return trip is just as easy as the bus will be at the same spot where you are dropped off on arrival.  Apart from the cost being half of that being charged by other providers, you also have more time at the outlet as there are a number of departure times from Castel Romano back to the city.

(Dear Readers, If you’ve visited Castel Romano recently and any of the information on this page is no longer current,  please drop me a line to let me know so that we can update our information for the benefit of others. Thank you.)

Departure times from Termini Station:


Departure times from Castel Romano:

20:00 (In summer, the last departure is at 20:30.  Confirm this with the driver on your forward journey to the outlet.  Things do change in the Eternal city!)

Other Shuttle Services

From your Rome Hotel

If you prefer the convenience of being picked up from your Rome hotel, ask the concierge to ring +39 06 37350810 or +39 329 4317686 the day before your shopping trip to Castel Romano Designer Outlet, or in any event no later than 11 am on the day of the shopping trip.  The cost of this service is 25 euros per person for a return ticket.

Shuttle Service from Piazza Barberini

To book this service call Castel Romano on +39 06 3234705 before 4 pm on the day before your shopping trip to the outlet.
The cost of this service is 21 euros per person for a round trip ticket.


From Monday to Thursday 2 trips per day:

– Departs from Piazza Barberini – 09:15 and 14:15 PM
– Departs from Castel Romano Designer Outlet – 13:00 and 18:00

On Saturdays and Sundays there is only 1 trip per day:
– Departs from Piazza Barberini departure – 09.15
– Departs from Castel Romano Designer Outlet departure 13:00

Agree or disagree?


  1. avatarVladimir says

    Thank you very much for the very useful information! I am going to Rome with friends and would love to visit the outlet village! Should be awesome!

    • avatar says

      Vladimir, thanks for your feedback. We’ve had someone else just come back from Castel Romano and she enjoyed her shopping.
      Have a great holiday and hope you and your friends enjoy the day out at Castel Romano.

  2. avatarNaomi says

    I want to go Castel Romano Designer Outlet at 23.July.2010.
    I will use Shuttle Bus Service from Rome Termini Station.
    Where do I buy tickets?
    Please tell me a ticket sales office.
    I will be staying in a hotel near Termini Station.

  3. avatarNaomi says

    Thank you very much for the kindly answered.
    I understood your answer.
    I can enjoy Castel Romano!
    Thank you.

  4. avatarKarina says

    Helen, hi!
    Is it easy to get the ticket? Or I need to buy it in advance? Do you have on-line procedure to buy the ticket?
    Thanks in advance…

    • avatarMartin says

      Hi there, I was there as a tourist from Glasgow on Sun 12 June 2011. Apologies if this has already been answered somewhere else down the thread but you cannot by your ticket on the bus. When I was in the queue actually waiting for the bus the gf and I noticed that the majority of the queue were holding some sort of ticket and figured that it must be a bus ticket. Anyway when the bus pulled up the bus guy got off and said a ticket WAS required and pointed us to a shabby booth about 100 yards away on the other side of the street (still on Maresla). It was not obvious in the slightest. needless to say that when word went through the queue there was a stampede down the street towards the booth by a lot of people without tickets who were in fear of now missing the bus. The guy right enough did say he’d wait. Anyway that was my observation.

      If you know any different I would be interested to hear.


      • avatar says

        Hi Martin,
        Thanks for your update on buying tickets for the Castel Romano bus. No one else has mentioned it to me so far.

        It doesn’t surprise me at all that they’ve changed the system and not put up a sign to advise shoppers. When we first went in search of the bus stop, the sign was about three blocks away at the old stop.

        The old ticket system worked very well for shoppers and I wonder why they’ve changed it. I’m also wondering if this ‘shabby booth’ is yet another temporary measure.
        By the way, have they changed the bus to black, as I was told by Castel Romano?

        Hope you and the gf did find something nice at Castel Romano.

  5. avatarKarina says

    The rate stays the same – 12 euros for the return trip. In summer the last bus goes at 9 p.m. instead of 8 p.m.

  6. avatarIsabel says

    Does anyone knows if taxi cab are available? and their cost? I am planning to go there on the afternoon and take a taxi at 9 pm from outlets

    • avatar says

      After your shopping at Castel Romano, the Outlet Information Desk can call a taxi back to Rome for you. I suggest you drop in at the Information Desk when you arrive to confirm with them again that there’s no problem in getting a taxi in the evening. The prices are fixed as follows:

      Rome Centre 50€
      Airports 50€
      Laurentina (Metro Line B) 30€
      Pomezia 15€

      If you intend shopping till late, you can still use the Shuttle Bus, which is much cheaper at 6 Euros per person. No reservation is required.


      20:00 (In summer, the last service is at 20:30 and in any case the centre closes at 21:00).

    • avatar says

      Departure times are in the post above:

      Departure times from Termini Station:


      Departure times from Castel Romano:

      20:00 (In summer, the last departure is at 20:30. Confirm this with the driver on your forward journey to the outlet. Things do change in this ancient city!)

  7. avatarAlexander says

    We travelled to Castel Romano on the 6th of May 2011 with the shuttle bus that leaves from Piazza Risorgimento. This is an alternative to Termini station way to go the the outlet mall. The bus from Piazza Risorgimento to Castel Romano leaves at 09:30, 12:00 and 14:30. Ticket price is 12 Euro round trip. Travelling from Piazza Risorgimento can be more convenient for those who stay close to Vatican. The bus stops where all tourist buses stop, at the beginning of the Vatican museum wall. It comes just couple of minutes before departure so please do not worry too much if you do not find it at its place in advance. I was also looking for a red bus as on the picture on this page, in fact all shuttle buses I saw in Castel Romano are brown.

  8. avatarShannon says

    Buongiorno! Thank you for your instructions; I would like to offer a minor update? FEB12, one now takes a _right_ (not left) from the metro exit approx 200 feet. The bus driver will be holding a sign “CASTEL ROMANO”; they will direct you to the “shady booth” that says “TICKETS” on the awning – other side of Via Marghera. And tickets are $13 round trip. Grazie!

  9. avatar says

    Thanks so much for the guide, my gf won’t stop talking about this place. I have a feeling it’s the only reason she wants to go to Rome…

    • avatar says

      GFs have to be indulged. It’s the key to a successful relationship! And if you don’t like Rome, there are also outlets in Florence, Serravalle, Veneto, Naples and Fidenza!


    • avatar says

      Hi Jasmine,
      Castel Romano is open from 09:00 am to 21:00 in summer and usually in the winter months they close a little earlier. They will announce the winter hours later, so I suggest you check their website in October.
      Kind regards,

  10. avatarMonika says

    Today I was waiting for the mid-day shuttle bus for Castel Romano for one and a half hours at Piazza Risorgimento it has not come!!!!! My husband speaks Italian he called the infoline first which was not operating, than another line and the answer was: the bus is late but coming (presto…) after another half an hour my husband called this number again but nobody answered the phone. We were about 10 waiting for the shuttle bus and finally we gave it up… bad experience

    • avatar says

      Hi Monika,
      I’m sorry to hear that your intended Castel Romano trip did not eventuate. Thanks for sharing your experience which I hope is only a rare occurence. Whenever I’ve been to Castel Romano we have always taken the bus from Termini. I actually may be going there in a couple of weeks and will mention your bad experience.
      Kind regards,

  11. avatarLin says

    Hi Helen, It was very smooth to find ticket box and the shuttle in front of Pharmcia, the shuttle is still same color as described by you, both me and my wife appreciate very much. Thanks a lot for your accurate instruction, we also had good time in Castel Romano.

    • avatar says

      Hi Lin, Thank you for your feedback and I’m glad that you and your wife enjoyed shopping at Castel Romano. If you are ever going to Venice, there’s a great outlet there as well.
      May I take this opportunity to wish you and your wife all the best for the holiday season and may 2013 be a year of more travels for you.
      Kind regards,

    • avatar says

      The bus stop for your return trip from Castel Romano to Roma is the same spot where you get off on your forward trip from Roma to Castel Romano.

      Kind regards,

  12. avatarsabrina says

    Hi! was just there to catch the shuttle from termini- no longer have the ticket box, we bought our tickets in the tickets counter shop aft being approached by one of the men on the streets selling city tour tickets and he brought us to his shop.

    Alternatively, just queue outside the pharmacy you mentioned and a man will come near the departure times and you can buy tickets from him directly :) bus is black printed “castel romano”

    • avatar says

      Thanks Sabrina for your update. Can you clarify for me which “tickets counter shop” you’re referring to and which shop you were brought to by this man?

      Thanks and regards,


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