How to Get to Castel Romano from the Vatican, Rome

Castel Romano Shuttle Bus Service from Piazza Risorgimento:

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If your Rome hotel is in the vicinity of the Vatican, you can now catch the  Castel Romano shuttle bus from Piazza Risorgimento to the Castel Romano Designer Outlet.  You do not have to make the trip to Termini Station to catch the Castel Romano shuttle that departs from via Marsala.

Piazza Risorgimento

One of our readers made this trip recently and advised that the Castel Romano outlet bus stops in Piazza Risorgimento,  where all the tourist buses park, in front of the Vatican Museum wall (see the map below).   According to Alexander the shuttle arrives just a couple of minutes before the scheduled departure time, so don’t worry if you do not see the bus waiting there.
Note:  Latest news from Castel Romano is that the shuttle buses from Piazza Risorgimento to Castel Romano are now black and not the red colour that we snapped previously.  If anyone has a picture of the new black bus, we would appreciate you sharing it.

Departure times from Piazza Risorgimento:


Departure times from Castel Romano:

20:00 (If you’re planning on catching the last departure, confirm the time with the driver during your forward journey to the outlet.  Things do change in the Eternal city!)

Shuttle Fares

The return fares are Euro 12 per person (adults), Euro 8 for children (aged 14 – 18) and Free for children under 14 years old.

Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver.  It is not necessary to make reservations for this shuttle service.

To get to Castel Romano from via Marsala, Termini Station see HERE.

(Dear Readers, If you’ve visited Castel Romano recently and any of the information on this page is no longer current,  please drop me a line to let me know so that we can update our information for the benefit of other shoppers.  Thanks.)


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