Caving in to Limoncello Temptations at Limonoro

Limonoro Is a Great Shop For Limoncello Shopping:

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Limoncello from Limonoro

Sorrento is famous for its limoncello and in this tourist town in the south of Italy, just about every other shop has some kind of limoncello or the creamier crema di limoni for sale. Walk around the pedestrian precinct and you’ll come across some shops offering free tastings of limoncello. The one that we found most welcoming was Limonoro at Via San Cesareo.

Limonoro’s Limoncello

Limonoro have been producing limoncello since 1905. On the wall near the entrance you can see a photo of generations of Limonoro members. The Limonoro shop is packed with limoncello, crema di limoni and liquorice liqueur in bottles of various shapes and sizes. There are also other liqueurs such as lemon chocolate liqueur, aniseed and melon cream. Also on sale are limoncello-infused chocolates, candied peel, nougat, jams, honey and olive oil. The shop also has ceramic cups and jugs with the typical Sorrentine lemon patterns.

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Peeling Lemons at Limonoro

At the rear of the shop I noticed some men peeling the freshly harvested Sorrento femminiello, the large Sorrento lemons that are ideal for limoncello. Limoncello is manufactured on the premises and it was a treat for us to witness a small part of the limoncello production process and to see the people involved in the business. I wasn’t sure if the men minded me taking a photo of them at work, but the elderly gentlemen in the middle quickly put me at ease and smiled for the camera. He then stopped his lemon-peeling and came into the shop to offer us and others some limoncello to taste. Although we didn’t know enough Italian to converse with him, we found out that this lovely man is the boss of Limonoro.  He pointed out the younger version of himself in the family portrait and indicated that the day-to-day running of the business is now managed by his children.

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Drinking limoncello with the Boss

Too Tempting to Resist

As we were on the road, we didn’t go into Limonoro with the intention of buying anything. But as the goods in the shop were so tempting, we ended up with a litre of limoncello, limoncello-filled chocolate, limoncello sweets and ceramic cups – yes, almost the works! The limoncello-filled chocolate goes very nicely with coffee and I regretted not buying more.

If you’re in Sorrento and are wondering what to buy from this town, Limonoro is a great place to pick up some gifts and supplies for yourself.

49/53 Via San Cesareo

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