Portofino – A Shopper’s Paradise?

Shopping in Portofino – Portofino Has Plenty of Designer Shops:

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Portofino shops

Most tourists don’t go to Portofino to shop, for the simple reason that this picturesque harbour resort town has a reputation for being expensive. Yet, around the small crowded harbour, there are so many Italian and international luxury brand names and other shops that you have to acknowledge that Portofino is quite a shopper’s paradise – at least for the well-healed visitors.

A Shopper’s Paradise

When I first saw the Louis Vuitton shop on Molo Umberto I, on the way to the Portofino harbour, my heart skipped a beat – such is the excitement of one who loves those beautifully crafted designer goods. But by the time we got to the harbour-front, names like Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, D&G, Giogio Armani and the like were such a common sight that it began to jell on me that people do come and shop here….but who?

Portofino only has a population of 479, but its celebrity visitors and multi-millionaire expatriate residents must do enough shopping to keep these designer shops going. Also, being close to Genoa, Portofino probably gets invaded by visitors when the cruise ships are in port.  Having been starved off shopping while at sea, these ocean-cruising types must get quite desperate to empty their wallets whenever they hit shore.

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Gucci in Portofino

Shopping Streets

Portofino is only a small town, but if you want to hit the road running, the main streets with the luxury brand names are Molo Umberto I, Calata Marconi, Via Roma and Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta. Jostling for business amongst the big brand name boutiques are lesser-known shops selling cashmere (quite common in Portofino shops), fashion accessories, silk nighties, embroidered linen, etc.

Apart from clothing and leather goods, there are also quite a number of jewelry shops. On Calata Marconi, shops like Luca and Gold for Ever have a red-carpet (or turquoise) welcome for shoppers. I like it too that they provide chairs outside their shops for spouses or partners who prefer not to see the price tags of jewelry that their other half is contemplating buying.

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Luca Jewelry Shop

Is Portofino a Shopper’s Paradise?

Yes, Portofino is certainly a shopper’s paradise if you have a healthy shopping budget.  The focus of Portofino shops is definitely about looking good. There are a few art galleries here, but what you won’t find in Portofino are shops selling cheap luggage to pack your extra shopping or shops selling pots and pans!

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  1. avatarsusan cascone says

    I hope you will try to help me. I was in Portofino in 2005 and bought a ring in a jewelry store as you walk to the harbor the store is on your right and I think there is an overpass. I know it is not under open sky.

    the ring is not a permanent hoop but has is expandable hoop which was great for my arthritic finger.
    it is a coil that expands. The designer supposedly is very famous.

    My problem is that the coil is all messed up and I want to send it back to the storeto be repaired but I cannot remember the name of the store!

    I hope I made myself clear and could you please help me find this store’s name and address.

    Thank you for your attention to this. Susan

    • avatar says

      Unfortunately, we are not familiar with the store that you are referring to. Seeing that it is almost eight years ago that you bought the ring, you may be better off going to your local jeweller.

      Kind regards,

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