Shopping in Positano

Positano’s Colourful Shops Break Down Even the Strongest Wills:

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Positano Fashion

The streets of Positano may be steep and full of steps, but they are also lined with all kinds of inviting shops that are hard to resist. Whether you’re arriving by bus at the top of the town or by ferry, you’ll soon come into contact with Positano’s many small shops and boutiques.

Positano Fashion

I’m usually quite disciplined when it comes to making hasty purchases whose attraction soon wears off once the holiday is over. However, Positano’s colourful clothing and accessories shops got me beaten. From the top of the town where we got off our transport and all the way down to the beach, we came across many inviting shops full of the famous “Positano fashion“.

The main apparel shopping streets are Via Pasitea, Via dei Mulini and Via G. Marconi, but in just about any of the town’s streets there are shops with displays of attractive summer frocks, swimsuits, colourful pareos, scarfs and handmade sandals. To feed my shopping addiction, I bought a colourful pareo which was very reasonably priced. I already have a suitcase full of pareos at home, but the Positano wraps with their southern Mediterranean flair proved too hard to resist. One of the ladies in our group bought a beautiful linen blouse – she too was taken in by the colours.

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Shopping in Positano

For dressier styles, head for boutiques in Via Pasitea such as:

  • Nadir at Via Pasitea 44 ( – I really like the feminine and vintage designs and fabric from this boutique
  • Pepitos at Viale Pasitea 15 (
  • La Bottega di Brunella at Viale Pasitea 76 ( and
  • Maria Lampo at Via Pasitea 12 – 16 (, whose clients include Dustin Hoffman, Colin Farrell and others.

I was quite surprised to learn that Positano has a clothing manufacturing industry which exports some 70% of its production. The fifty or so enterprises that produce the Positano Fashion manage to keep cheaper Chinese reproductions at bay and their secret weapon seems to be rapidly changing fads and fashion in beach wear.

Other Things to Buy in Positano

If you missed buying your supplies of limoncello in Sorrento, Positano is also famous for its limoncello production and lemon-themed products. The other famous Positano products include ceramics. On Via Marconi and Via C. Colombo there are a number of shops selling pottery and ceramic tableware with Mediterranean themes.

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Positano Limoncello

Along via Cristoforo Colombo there are also a few antique and jewelry shops. And if you wish to take home a piece of the magnificent scenery of Positano and the Amalfi Coast, there’s a painter on the beach from whom you can buy your favourite Positano view from.

Things to Do in Positano

So, when the sun gets too hot on the beach, one of the things to do in Positano is shop. My big regret was not leaving sufficient time for shopping. I could easily have bought a few garments at Nadir’s as I especially liked their Positano fashion, but ran out of time.

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