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Strings of perfumed soap

San Gimignano is not known as a shopping destination, but for those who love to shop, there are plenty of things you can buy here. In this town there are many shops selling handicraft such as ceramics and woodcraft, embroidery, leather bags, books and other souvenirs. There are also a few art galleries about town where you can buy a painting, or two, of your favourite Tuscan landscape.

San Gimignano is of course noted for its food and wine, and foodies and those who love to cook will have a great time shopping here.

San Gimignano Shopping

The southern end of town is the more commercial part of San Gimignano and if you stroll along Via San Giovanni, you’ll find a concentration of shops on this street. There are also shops scattered around town and on Via San Matteo at the northern precinct.

The Tuscan region has been the home of the craft of ceramics for centuries and in San Gimignano there are some beautiful hand-made ceramic works to tempt shoppers. Along Via San Giovanni there are a number of shops selling ceramic tableware, decorative plates, vases, hand-painted tiles and other pottery works.

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Hand-painted ceramics

La Bottega at Via San Giovanni 108 and La Terracotta are two shops with a huge range of nice hand-painted pottery. Just a quick glance at the pottery in these shops and already I spotted a vase that I particularly liked from La Terracotta. Regrettably, I had to settle for something that would fit into my bag and so I bought a hand-painted tile with the quintessential Tuscan landscape painted on it.

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Jute sacks

La Bottega di Beatrice e Paola at Via San Giovanni 77 may be of interest to those who enjoy the craft of weaving. They also sell embroidered table linen, aprons, etc.

An item that I regretted not buying are the small jute sacks with some embroidery on them. I saw them used in restaurants to serve bread rolls, which I thought looked really neat, but they can be used to store other things.

Leather bags
There are shops selling very colourful purses and handbags in town, although if you’ve come from Florence, you probably have already bought your share of leather.

Food Shopping
San Gimignano is a gastronomic destination and the shops along Via San Giovanni sell many of the Tuscan food products and Tuscan wines that make up Tuscan cuisine. For more information on Food and Wine in San Gimignano, see Here.

Other Things to Buy
The souvenir and gift shops sell anything from very realistic-looking soft toys, pinocchios, t-shirts, scented soaps, etc. And just in case you are in the market for furniture, there is also a very classy antique furniture shop in town.

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  1. avatarJoan says

    would love to know if I could buy these scented soap on ropes that I saw in San Gimignano. Is there a site ?

  2. avatarSammye Chachere says

    I was in San Gimignano in 2010 and at a little store purchased something that looked like a folded taco that you used to handle hot lids and handles while cooking. They were made of linen or cotton and am now lost as my last one is almost worn out. I want to get about a dozen of them. It seems to me it was a little store on a corner of the main street coming down from the church. any help yoy could give me locating these would be greatly appreciated.

    • avatar says

      Hi Sammye,
      I do not recall seeing anything like what you’ve described, but maybe someone else reading your comment may be able to help.

      Kind regards,

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